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domingo, 21 de maio de 2017

Running Death - DressAge (Full-Length Album - 2017) - Bandcamp Stream

The band was founded 2004 and has from the beginning always been looking for quality, diversity and a completely unique style. Exploring their own ground is what keeps the musicians around founder, guitarist and singer Simon Bihlmayer awake at night.

You're way more likely to hear stomping heavy metal riffs paired with unorthodox arranged razor sharp trash riffs ... than all the things you've already heard so often and really have grown weary of! Celebrating wide diversity and integrating an extraordinarily ambitioned reinterpretation of 80s flair, the four métier maniacs invite you to a journey through their wonderfully catchy and powerful songs.

In the year 2012 RUNNING DEATH for the first time managed to be heard and saluted outside of the THRASH METAL underground, thanks to their EP titled "The Call Of Extinction". Their search for style, flow of ideas and songwriting started taking extraordinarily unique shapes on their just as playful as original release.

A major factor why fans and music media alike received it with highest praise is the plethora of wonderfully fresh ideas, the bavarian Thrash Metal exception around singer and guitarist Simon bring to life.

They write 2015, the year RUNNING DEATH released their shining debut album "Overdrive". Inspired to a huge extend by their experience on the road, playing highly explosive and headcrushing shows wherever they can, "Overdrive" is one of the most original, interesting and rewarding releases of it's own demonstratively sophisticated Thrash genre, that has made it into our ears for a long time. This is due a lot to the extraordinary vocals by axeman Simon, whose voice couldn't be less conformant. While others constantly scream with all they got, the RUNNING DEATH frontman prefers giving in fully to his own individuality.

In an ever so solid and exciting team with co-six-stringer Julian the guitars keep screaming high intensity riffs to your ears, even when the songs dive into some of the more progressive areas. Drummer Jakob as well is no small deal, besides keeping it professional all the time he is giving those surprising accents that listeners desiring for precision and complex rhythms enjoy so much. And especially if you're a fan of MEGADETH or the good old INTRUDER you should find just what you're looking for in this masterful bavarian band.

Their elaborate mix of old school Metal, timeless art and finest melodies together with a huge portion of idealism gives the quickly moving band a huge space to work and develop in. If you first are put off by their individuality, this will soon be what brings you back to their music over and over again.

Last but not least, all of the above also applies to the artistically as well as meaningful front cover artwork of "Overdrive", which helps RUNNING DEATH seted apart from the broad masses a lot.

With their 2015 debut album "Overdrive" they triggered a positive as well as far-reaching surprise-effect as a vertical starter, which attracted a multitude of worldwide fans. Countless reviews attested the band around guitarist and singer Simon Bihlmayer with their 'dancing from the row' material, a very own, upscale class. Encouraged by this, the songwriting became even more hungry, but also more settled and determined.

And now RUNNING DEATH are back with a new work: "DressAge" titled, the second longplayer presents the crisp rocking THRASH METAL of the Bavarians in so far unheard freshness and dynamics!

Official release date for "DressAge" is May 26th, 2017.

Whoever, as a new listener wants to get a route for orientation in advance - many sorts of references to Megadeth lead in the correct direction. For friends of such stylistics, it should be difficult in any case to resist ultra-melodic and discreetly progressive rhythm-grenades like "Heroes Of The Hour".

Similar to the aforementioned US giants, RUNNING DEATH also let all classic, grippy Rock elements flow in homogeneously manner into their partly hit-suspicious staged Thrash alarm.

Even on the textual level, there is deliberately thought-through content. Often written with a pinched eye, the quartet's punctual lyrics are definitely the most readable in the genre.

With tracks like "Duty Of Beauty" for example, RUNNING DEATH humorously relate to the ever-dehumanizing fashion madness of today.

The natural, striking singing of frontman Simon, who already caused lively discussions with the successful debut-disk, breaks out of the ten new songs even more individual and uncompromising.

Even in the balladesque passages, the guitarist, as a convinced 100 % guy, simply inverts his innermost outwards with full emotion, instead of following the standards of the metier.

The detailed front cover for "DressAge" was created by the Mexican graphic artist Joel Sánchez Rosales, which was the perfect match for the lyrical relationship to the delicious dressage theme of the title song.

The four men from Kaufbeuren celebrate a well working mixture of talent, intellect, class and innovation as well as having the greatest fun working on their material.

For sure gain a lot of prompt attention – from more than just fans of their genre.  What we’ve seen so far makes us expect nothing less than a thrash metal sensation. All those factors combined create such an unique and ever exciting soundscape, that many kinds of Metal and even Rock heads will find their itch for genuinely good music scratched!

Formed in: 2004
Status: Active
Years active: 2004-Present

Simon Bihlmayer - Guitar, Vocals
Max Bauer - Bass
Jakob Weikmann - Drums
Julian - Guitar, Shouts

Country of origin: Germany
Location: Kaufbeuren, Bavaria

Genre: Thrash Metal
Current Label: Punishment 18 Records
Booking/Press Contact:

Promotion • Consulting


Press Contact:

Office: 0049 (0) 8191 – 960 799
Cell: 0049 - (0) 176 – 6091 – 2025

PO Box 11 12
D-86912 Kaufering

Official Webite:

DressAge (Full-Length Album - 2017)

Releases May 26th, 2017

Art Cover by Joel Sánchez Rosales


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