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segunda-feira, 29 de maio de 2017

Forest of Fog - (2003 - 2016) [ Full Discography] - Bandcamp Stream

Foto de Forest Of Fog.

After first forming in 2003, and following the release of three full-length albums in the early 2000’s, Forest of Fog, the brainchild of ex-Eluveitie guitarist and Swiss musician Ivo Henzi, is back with a vengeance in 2016. Since the unfortunate happenings with Eluveitie, Ivo Henzi joined with ex-Eluveitie band mates Merlin Sutter and Anna Murphy to form a three-piece band based on the title of Anna’s debut album, Cellar Darling. Their Dedut album will be released on June 30, 2017.

Ten years after the release of album number three, Abgründe, the first single, “Awake” from Forest of Fog’s new forthcoming album (as-yet-untitled) was released back in August this year and has already seen the video accumulate over 21,000 hits on YouTube.

Not only is single “Awake” the first track and piece of new material from Forest of Fog in 10 years, but it is also the first track from the band written and performed entirely in English, the Swiss guitar player stretches genre boundaries and proves his worth far beyond his legacy with Eluveitie.

The music of Forest of Fog has always run a fine line between black metal and melodic death, with “Awake” showing an even stronger leaning towards the latter. Featuring drumming from Merlin Sutter and mixing/mastering from Anna Murphy, both (ex-Eluveitie, Cellar Darling). The  cover art, created by Romania’s Costin Chioreanu.

“‘Awake’ is the first new song from Forest Of Fog since 2006. It describes the profound feeling of an inner awakening: facing the past and letting go can be painful, but what follows is the realisation that it is the only way to find new paths in life. It is something you can apply to your physical, psychological or even spiritual state.” - Ivo Henzi

Henzi plays a style that ties Nagelfar, Nargaroth and Taake together. However not extremely original, borrowing from all three, the combination is unique. He released one phenomenal demo in 2003, an outstanding full-length in 2004 and, for as far as my taste can be projected on others hearing the band, Nebelhymnen (2005) beats both on multiple surfaces. The Demo was called Rabenflug, a title that might origin from a Nagelfar song called Der Flug Des Raben.

Forest Of Fog’s debut, Untergang (2004), was an even more epic release. Nagelfar played a more important role as an influence here, which mostly resulted in the powerfully thrashing guitar parts and heroic sonic explosions that are clearly Nagelfar’s trademark.

Formed In: 2003
Status: Active
Years Active: 2003-Present

Ivo Henzi - Everything

Country of Origin: Switzerland
Location: Winterthur
Genre: Black Metal

Current Label: Schwarzmetall Musikproduktionen
General Manager:
Merlin Sutter & Kate Piatkowska at Booya Ventures Ltd / Booya Music,
Booking/Press Contact:

Official Website:

Awake (Single - 2016)

 Released August 5, 2016

All music written, performed & recorded by Ivo Henzi (ex-Eluveitie, Cellar Darling).
Drums performed by Merlin Sutter (ex-Eluveitie, Cellar Darling, Anna Murphy).

Recorded at Soundfarm studios by Anna Murphy & Marco Jencarelli | Mixed by Anna Murphy | Mastered by Marco Jencarelli & Anna Murphy.

Google Play Music:

Abgründe (Full-Length Album -  2006)

Released May 29, 2006

Nebelhymnen (Full-Length Album - 2005)

 Released May 2, 2005

Untergang (Full-Length Album - 2004)

 Released April 11, 2004

Rabenflug (Demo - 2003)

Released October 10, 2003

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