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sábado, 29 de julho de 2017

Immortal Shape - Braquemart (Single - 2017) - Bandcamp Stream

Immortal Shape is a modern metal band that is already in the underground scene of Belém / PA since 2009. Coming branches bands like Neo Acromania and  Codigo Divino.

As the guys are always evolving, "We All Must Die" is the latest EP, released now in 2016, behind other elements like Groove Metal, current Thrash and Death Melodic, this gig includes THREE songs with enough of these elements, including a sinister introduction that opens the EP. Also produced by Jadson Pinheiro, and according to the band's lead singer Augusto Cavalera "this our current work is to destroy everything and fry your brain".

With lyrics  in that pervade wars, man, love, apocalypse, battles between good and evil, life lessons. The  lyrics are sung in Portuguese and English, the band does a Modern Metal full of energy and vitality. With Metal Core genre, Immortal Shape brings a sonic identity that contains heavy riffs, guttural vocals and melodic, memorable lyrics.

The guys are influenced by bands like As I Lay Dying, Killswitch Engage, All That Remains and Caliban. The formation of the band has gone through several changes and now has Cavalera Augusto Oliveira "Logan" in guttural and melodic vocals, Tobias Mendes  and Angelo Silva in guitars, Gleyson Sousa on bass and Jediael Sousa "Diel" on drums. In this release you can see a major concern of the guys with guitar timbres cleaning, commanded by friends Angelo and Tobias, beyond the highly technical down, the drums played by Jediael is really killer.

The band announced on July 28 2017, their new single. This song, like the others that are to come, marks the beginning of a trajectory until our CD and also marks a new language acquired by the band in its new compositions. 

"... The end result of this material is the result of a work group, which above co-workers, we consider ourselves a family and this family only works well when everyone is with the same purpose. We have work to fucking be done and one of these is to change the concept that created many of the Immortal Shape. This is just one of the reasons. We are already working on pro year CD planning next (A DANÇA DO DEMÔNIO), and will be something out of the sameness ... .. Let's do something for everyone want that have in this album. We will make people feel attracted like a magnet." - Commented the band.

Formed In: April 7th of 2009
Status: Active
Years Active: 2009-Present

Cezar Augusto - Vocals
Tobias Mendes - Guitar
Angelo Silva - Guitar
Gleyson Sousa - Bass
Jediael Souza - Drums

Country Of Origin: Brazil
Location: Belém-Pa
Current Label: Unsigned/Independent

CEO: Jediael Souza
Press Contact: 82708606 (Cezar Augusto)
Phone: (091) 98124-3161 Jediael Souza

Official Website:
Pure Volume:

Braquemart (Single - 2017) 
Released July 28, 2017 

Streaming + Download

sexta-feira, 28 de julho de 2017

Surra - Arquitetos da Desgraça [Videoclipe Oficial]

Foto de Surra.

Surra is a band from Santos, coastal city of São Paulo. The band was formed in 2012, soon after the dissolution of the Texas Like Murder. Leeo Mosque (vocals / guitar), William Elias (bass / vocals) and Victor Miranda (drums), decided that they should not continue with the same name, then got together and decided to form the Surra.

The band self-identifies as Thrashcore (mixture of Thrash Metal and Hardcore), and has officialy two studio releases, one album, an EP and two bootlegs. The Bica is their debut album, was released in 2012, just when the band was formed, and generally received good acceptance of the public, as it has a led like the work of the previous band

The EP "Somos Todos Culpados" was released in 2015, it has only 4 songs and follow the same pace of the previous releases.

The band also has a bootleg that was named "Patada de Gorila", recorded during an edition of the event "Walk Together, Tribute Together", where they paid tribute to Gorilla Biscuits. The other bootleg called "A Porra Pegou – Live In Belém (2016)", preparing fans for the next album, Tamo Na Merda, which was recently released.

With 13 songs, the band released 2 songs a day in one week until completed to upload all the album in their official Youtube Channel. Tamo Na Merda was fully released on released June 8, 2016.

With the rapid instrumental letters with high political and social critical content, and a lot of energy the band is strengthened in the Brazilian underground scene.

On June 12, 2017 the band released their new single called "Arquitetos da Desgraça" with a music video, this single is extracted from their next release that will be an EP  "Ainda Somos Culpados" set to be released on Vinil 7" format in the second half of 2017.

Released: June 12, 2017

Captured by Leeo Mesquita e Ana Paula Pina. 
Pre-production by Arjuna Meireles.
Edit by and Finalized by Gabriel Imakawa
Arte // Artwork: Victor Galvão

"Arquitetos da Desgraça"

Guest Musicians
Participação especial de Nata de Lima (Manger Cadavre?) and Caio Augustus (Desalmado/Cranula)

Captured by no Family Mob Studios por Hugo Silva
Mixing e Mastering by Hugo Silva

Supported by:

"Arquitetos da Desgraça" Available On:
Google Play:

Formed In: 2012
Status: Active
Years Active: 2004-2012 (as Like a Texas Murder), 2012-Present

Leeo Mosque - Vocals & guitar)
William Elias - Bass & Vocals)
Victor Miranda - Drums

Country of origin: Brazil
Location: Santos, São Paulo
Genre: Crossover / Thrash Metal / Hardcore

Current Label: Unsigned/Independent
Booking/Press Contact:


quarta-feira, 26 de julho de 2017

Desolate - Transcendent Abomination (EP - 2017) - Bandcamp Stream

Formed in 2008, The Desolate bring their own version of thrash metal to the masses with their blazing chainsaw riffs via guitarists Nick Bielser, Craig Snipes and bassist Josh Sullivan blend perfectly with drummer Clayton McDaniel’s fresh approach to thrash metal drumming. An aural assault of squealing guitars, pounding bass, hammering drums, lacerating speed, brilliant songwriting, and remorseless aggression, The Desolate is a four piece metal band on a mission. These Vancouver, WA transplants honed their craft back in the Midwest, where they quickly made a name for themselves thanks to their devastating songwriting dynamic. 

“The Great Departure” is a treasure trove of blistering guitar solos, intense drumming, and pounding bass. With songs like “The Sentinel” and “Intergalactic Time Shed”, there is something here for all fans of heavy music. It is an album that was clearly written by musicians who are comfortable playing music together; more focused on pushing themselves to their next level of skill rather then concerning themselves with trying to fit into a certain genre or scene. The Desolate is a four man killing machine set to pave its way into the modern day metal scene.

Formed In: 2008
Status: Active
Years Active: 2008-Present

Nick Bielser - Guitar, Vocals
D.C Snipes - Guitar, Backing Vocals
Clayton McDaniel - Drums
Josh Sullivan - Bass/Backing Vocals

Country of Origin: United States
Location: Washington 
Genre: Melodic Thrash/Death Metal

Current Label: Unsigned/Independent
Booking/press Contact:


Transcendent Abomination (EP - 2017)
Digital release: July 22, 2017
Physical release: August 12, 2017


Havamal - Call Of The North (EP - 2017) - Bandcamp Stream

From the shores of Nastrand, from the shadowy depths, a legend encased in ice grew. It speaks about a musical force that has been asleep for eons. But now, it has been revived in human shape to cover the world in a gloomy shroud filled with ancient misery. This ancient force, invisible to a mere eye, will sweep in like a tide of doom to drench the entirety of the world in an ancient pagan chaos beyond memory and sanity.

In howling ice-winds you can hear distant tones appear. A dimmed froststorm from ages ago have claimed the mission to spread the words of Ragnarök across our lands. Havamal has been spoken! Mighty words of Odin, grant us strenght and wisdom! Lead the way for the blind mass. The world will once more tremble before the might of the aesirs. All living things will be snared in an eternal ice-age! Havamal! Remember our songs of force!

Now the high-born song is heard in the halls of the high-born, favorable to the sons of man, useless to the sons of giants. Hail the person that spoke! Hail the person that can!
Rejoice, you who understood! Fortunate, you who listened!

Formed In: 2016
Status: Active
Years Active: 2016-Present

Björn - Vocals
Lennie - Guitar
Kjell - Guitar
Pontus - Bass

Country: Sweden
Location: Stockholm
Genre: Melodic Death Metal

Current Label: Unsigned/Independent
Booking/Press Contact:


Call Of The North (EP - 2017)
Released June 2, 2017

Streaming and Orders: 

Duskmourn - Of Shadow and Flame (Full-Length Album - 2017) - Bandcamp Stream

Somewhere between the mountainous landscapes of Pennsylvania and the forest combed valleys of New Jersey, Duskmourn was formed in 2012. Comprised of Walter Deyo (Guitars, Bass, and vocals) and Bill Sharpe (Guitars, Drums, Keyboards), Duskmourn’s vision has always been to create music that will transcend it’s listeners to another world…a simpler world…of ancient tales & nature bound journeys.

It all started in early 2012, with a couple of awesome demo songs, pizza, and a lot of beer. After the demo songs were refined & rehearsed, Duskmourn entered the studio to record their first self titled EP. With help fromformer members David Heer and Jeni Sharpe the demo was finished and completed by mid 2012.

Writing on 2014′s Legends commenced immediately after finishing the Duskmourn EP. With a vision to create a larger, more vast atmosphere, Duskmourn turned to it’s folk/natural roots to tell their story. Duskmourn released it’s first full length album “Legends” in late 2014.

It is now 2017 and Duskmourn’s sophomore album “Of Shadow and Flame” is upon us. This album is an epic folk / melodic death metal album with black metal influences. For fans of soaring guitar melodies, melodic death metal rasps, vast keyboards, and epic drums. After a suscessfull crowdfunding campaign the band released “Of Shadow and Flame” on June 16th, 2017.

Formed In: 2012
Status: Active
Years Active: 2012-Present

Bill Sharpe - Drums, Guitar, Keyboards, Choir Vocals
Walter Deyo - Bass, Guitars, Vocals
Ryan Messenger (live) - Bass

Country of origin: United States
Location: New Jersey/Pennsylvania
Genre: Epic Folk/Melodic Death Metal

Current Label: Unsigned/Independent
Booking/Press Contact:


Of Shadow and Flame (Full-Length Album - 2017)

Released June 16, 2017 

Recorded at Dwarvish Iron Studios 
Mixed and Mastered by Christoph Brandes of Iguana Studios 
Artwork by Oaken Throne Design

Streaming and Orders: 

Lords of The Nether B.C. - Lords of The Nether (EP - 2017) - Bandcamp Stream

Originally a solo project created by guitarist/composer Dalton Meaden in 2010 based out of Prince George, British Columbia, Canada. Lords of the Nether B.C draws inspiration from notable metal acts including Wintersun, Keep of Kalessin and Blind Guardian to create its own unique brand of Symphonic Metal.

In the fall of 2015 Lords of The Nether recorded their first self titled, six-track EP with Producer and Engineer Connor Pritchard at Edgewood Audio in Prince George. The EP was released on July 23rd 2017.

Dalton Meaden - Guitar/Composition
Chester Hewkin - Percussion

Country: Cadada
Location:  Prince George B.C.
Genre: Symphonic Melodic Death Metal

Current Label: Unsigned/Independent
Booking/Press Contact:

Lords of The Nether  (EP - 2017)

Released July 23, 2017 

Engineered, Edited & Mixed by Connor Pritchard at Edgewood Audio in Prince George, BC 
Mastered by Chris "Hollywood" Holmes in Kelowna, BC 
Tanner Revak - Orchestration 
Scott Thompson - Orchestral Samples 
Malcolm Pugh - Guest solo on Lords of The Nether 
Ross Vanosch - Art & Illustration from Eyeheart Creative Prince George, BC 

terça-feira, 25 de julho de 2017

Death Design - Vicious World (Mini Album - 2017) - Bandcamp Stream

Death Design is a brand new metal band from Pori, Finland, formed in January 2016. They describe their music as death metal with various influences from the subgenres such as groove, progressive and melodic metal.

Death Design was created by Mikael “Wessu” Weckström after the split-up of his previous band Exthenia on September 2015.

The first steps with the band were in the summer of 2014 when Mikael Weckström and Janne Salminen decided to form a brand new band with their mutual visions. Soon after that Ville Lähteenmäki joined the band as a drummer and they started to prepare new stuff for their upcoming release.

After couple of months the project froze for a while because they were curious to try out how Mikael's previous band would work with Janne as a new vocalist. With that particular setup they recorded one EP and also did a couple of gigs. About half year later they experienced disagreements between the band members so after a short amount of time they decided to bury the band.

It was finally time for awaking their “Death Design” project and really get on it. After months of rehersals, finaly they released a promotional single called "Drown With Me" on August 4th, 2016. and it has already received a lot of positive feedback. On June 8th 2017 they relased their Mini Album called "Vicious World".

Janne Salminen - Vocals
Mikael Weckström - Guitars
Ville Lähteenmäki - Drums
Antti Lehtimäki - Basss

Country of Origin: Finland
Location: Pori
Genre: Modern Death Metal

Current Label: Unsigned/Independent
Booking/Press Contact:


Vicious World (Mini Album - 2017)

Released June 8, 2017 

Composed by Mikael Weckström
Lyrics by Janne Salminen
Mixed and Mastered by Emil Pohjalainen

Stream and Pre-orders:

domingo, 23 de julho de 2017

Hitwood - (2016 - 2017) [ Full Discography] - Bandcamp Stream

The Hitwood project was founded in 2007, it's based in the North of Italy and is intended as a solo project of Antonio Boccellari. 10 Years ago, an old wise man appears in his dreams and guide him into an astral journey every night. In these “travels” there’s an old man, called Hitwood, who explains that he’s trapped in that dreamworld from a long time and his real alter-ego it’s probably already alive in the real world but it’s stuck in an perpetual sleep.

The old man discover in the dreamworld the dark future of the earth and do its best to communicate this to people in their dreams through its celestial music, because he can’t dialogue in another way. There are thousands of Hitwood messengers around the world but when they wake up probably didn’t remember what these melodies are about and ends up to forget them. The founder of Hitwood project is one of these Messengers and has the gift to remember the dreamy melodies despite he didn’t know what they really means.

His purpose was to make songs with fragments of these melodies adapted in a Melodic Death/Post Metal style in the hope to find someone who could remember something from Hitwood dreams and help him to communicate his visions of the future to humanity.

The first album "When Youngness... Flies Away..." was released in October 2016 after 9 years of composition necessary to elaborate all the melodies dreamed in the past years and trying to commutate them into a Metal approach and give them a logic song structure.
After this important milestone, was released another EP called "As a Season Bloom". Short album with only four songs where every track describe through music the vibe of every season to make a testament of how the season where before what would happen in the future. Nothing will be the same...

Antonio, the hitwood messenger, was working urgently on new material because the dreams becomes more and more frequent in the last times and the old wise want to find the other messengers to save the world from an imminent dark omen.

Formed In: 2007
Status: Active
Years Active: 2007-Present

Antonio Boccellari - Everything (Guitar, Drums, Bass, Studio Engineering, Synth)

Country: Italy
Location: Milan, Lombardy
Genre: Melodic Death Metal / Post Metal / Shoegaze

Current Label: Independent/Unsigned
Booking/Press Conntact:


My Path to Nowhere (Single - 2017)

 Released June 26, 2017

Hitwood in the past was an instrumental project but in the future it will feature vocals, so this is the first proof of that new change of skin. "My path to nowhere" is the first single extracted from the upcoming album available in the second half of 2017.

Line Up
Antonio Boccellari (Songwriting, Guitars, Bass, Drums)
Carlos Timaure (Growl Vocals)

As A Season Bloom (EP - 2017)

 Released April 9, 2017

23 Minutes Ep to bounce from a genre to another. Every song represents the mood of a season and there's space for Post Rock, Folk, Melodic Death Metal and some Black Metal influences. As A Season Bloom is an experiment for re-define the Hitwood sound this time less metal oriented than the past.

When Youngness​.​. Flies Away​.​. (Full-Length Album - 2016)

Released October 9, 2016

There are 10 songs in this album composed between 2007 and 2016 totally inspired by years of dreams. This album was self recorded by the only member of the project Antonio Boccellari in the spring of 2016 then released in October of the same year. It's an instrumental album influenced by Melodic Death Metal and with some post-rock/shoegaze recalls.

sábado, 22 de julho de 2017

Fleshkiller - Parallel Kingdom (Official Lyric Video)

Fleshkiller is the brand new progressive death metal band fronted by Ole Børud known from Extol. The upcoming debut album entitled ‘Awaken’ was recorded and mixed between late 2015 and early 2017 at multiple locations around the world. Also written by Ole Børud, the style of music mixes old school death metal aesthetics with rich harmonic prog fusion elements. Compared to his previous efforts in the genre these new compositions spark a new level of intensity!

Fleshkiller’s members are: Ole Børud on guitar and vocals, Elisha Mullins (The burial, A hill to die upon) also on guitar and vocals, Ole Vistnes (Shining, Tristania) on bass, and Andreas Skorpe Sjøen (Umpfel) on drums.

“With their jaw dropping mix of pure metal brutality and mesmerizing hooks, Fleshkiller make an astonishing entrance to the stage of metal. Their debut record stand short of none, and is a testament to the fantastic musicianship and songwriting capabilities embodied by the band.” - Erlend Gjerde, Managin Director at Indie Recordings

The cover art on the album is created by the amazing Marcelo Vasco, who has done plenty of great covers, among other the latest Slayer cover.

On June 30th, 2017 the band released the first single from their upcoming album 'Awaken' is set to be released on Sept 15 by Indie Recordings. The track is called 'Parallel Kingdom', and it even comes with a lyric video!

The album was produced by Ole Børud, mixed by Jack C Daniels and mastered by Alan Douches.
Cover art was made by Marcelo Vasco.

Pre-order the new album from Fleshkiller and gain access to exclusive content and merchandise here:

For north american pre-orders follow this link:

Ole Børud (Extol) - Guitar and Vocals
Elisha Mullins (The burial, A hill to die upon) - Guitar and Vocals
Ole Vistnes (Shining, Tristania) - Bass
Andreas Skorpe Sjøen (Umpfel) - Drums.

Country: Norway 
Genre: Progressive Death Metal

sexta-feira, 14 de julho de 2017

Frosttide - From Dusk To Ascend (Single - 2017) + Two Bonus Tracks - Bandcamp Stream


FROSTTIDE are a five-piece melodic/folk metal band from Finland formed by Joni Snoro back in 2009. FROSTTIDE released their first EP called "Dawn of Frost" in 2010 and won the "Year’s underground act 2011" trophy at the Finnish Metal Awards. The band played shows as a support act with KORPIKLAANI as well as performing at “Nummirock 2012 Metal Festival” together with the likes of SABATON, FEAR FACTORY among other bands. The band released their second EP "Our Journey" – again single-handedly in 2012.

The first full-lenght album called "Awakening" was released on 30th of August 2013 via Noise Art Records. Soon after the release of Awakening, FROSTTIDE embarqued to play in the mighty HEIDENFEST 2013 tour together with ENSIFERUM, TURISAS, EQUILIBRIUM, SUIDAKRA + extended show bands. In the beginning of 2014, the band was back on the road supporting ENSIFERUM on their Unsung Heroes Tour France. After a successful tour in France, FROSTTIDE played few shows in their home country Finland along with KORPIKLAANI & FINNTROLL.

2nd album "Blood Oath" was released on 27th of February 2015! Straight after Blood Oath's release FROSTTIDE joined the ONE MAN ARMY TOUR FINLAND with ENSIFERUM and later on the spring the band embarked on the PAGANFEST TOUR 2015 with WINTERSUN, TURISAS, HEIDEVOLK & OBSCURITY. After a successful tour in Europe, the band focused on playing live shows in Finland in cooperation with the booking agency Northern Solitude Entertainment for the rest of 2015 with exception of their first headliner show abroad at the Bridge Blast Metal Festival in Herisau, Switzerland on September 27, 2015. Later that year FROSTTIDE played as a support act for CRADLE OF FILTH and NE OBLIVISCARIS at their show in Nosturi, Helsinki on November 21st.

In 2016, the band continued supporting their second album "Blood Oath" with live shows in Finland and became part of NEM agency's roster. The continuous touring within Finland led the band to play for the first time at the legendary TUSKA festival together with CHILDREN OF BODOM, TESTAMENT, BEHEMOTH & GHOST among other bands. In the fall of 2016, due to personal differences, the band parted ways with singer/guitarist Joni Snoro and bass player Lauri Myllylä.

FROSTTIDE is currently working on their new album as a three-piece with guitarist and main composer Juho patinen on lead vocals. The band is supported by two session musicians on the live shows and will head on their very first North American tour supporting their album Blood Oath this fall in Canada together with fellow metallers VALFREYA.

On July 2017, the band released their new single with two bonus tracks, this is a brand new track that will be featured in their forthcoming album. From Dusk To Ascend felt to be the right choice for the single. It has the traditional Frosttide sound and still gives a good representation of the new elements and sound that will be heard in our new album. For this track, the band wanted to keep a more organic sound for the band and not rely entirely on orchestrations.  Guitars are more prominent than in our previous material but fear not! Keyboards are strongly present in this track providing the atmospheric landscape and bombastic elements for these aggressive riffs and powerful drumming together with a brand new voice.

Originally published on the EP "Our Journey", the bans always wanted to revisit this song and record it with the current sound of the band. So they finally did it during these recording sessions and they bring it to you as a bonus track for this single release! It is great to have this track back in the set and they look forward to play it live with these new arrangements!

LODI (CCR Cover):
The mandatory cover! Ever felt trapped in your hometown and dreamed to travel around the world? You know, play some shows, have some Caipirinhas in Brazil or enjoy some cold beers at Oktoberfest in Germany? Well... this is the story of this guy! Or sort of!

Originally composed by John Fogerty and performed by Creedence Clearwater Revival, the song tells about a touring musician that is stuck in a small town where nobody appreciates his music leaving him unable to raise enough money to leave town. This is probably the cover that they had most fun recording! They wanted to keep the essence of the original song but we also infused couple of new elements musically to add some flavour the story told in the lyrics.

Juho Patinen - Guitars & Lead Vocals
Felipe Munoz - Keyboards, Orchestrations & Backing Vocals
Joonas Nislin - Drums

Genre: Epic /Dark /Folk Metal
Hometown: Jyväskylä, Finland
Record Company: NoiseArt Records:
Booking: NEM Agency

Iiro Laitinen/ (0)45 259 3030

Las FM:
My Space:

From Dusk To Ascend (Single)

Released July 14, 2017 

Lyrics by Juho Patinen. 
Music by Juho Patinen & Frosttide 
Artwork by Jouni Valjakka 

Mixed and mastered by Juho Patinen 
Bass played and recorded by Juho Patinen 

"Lodi" music and lyrics by John Fogerty. Published by Jondora Music/Misty Music AB 

This single is available for purchase in two formats:


Includes the single track + 2 bonus songs. Available at: and


Includes the single track + bonus tracks + high res. artwork + wallpapers and lyric video! Available in our webstore at:

domingo, 2 de julho de 2017

Thamnos - Night of the Raven (EP - 2017) - Bandcamp Stream

Thamnos is a one-man band created by a young Polish Metal musician called Mikołaj "KrzaQ" Krzaczek, he makes most of his music by himself, as well as mixing and mastering. Night of the Raven is his debut, solo, concept EP which contains story about fantastic view on the end of the world caused by mysterious Goddes called Raven. However although, there is also one being who can save the world.

Formed In:
Status: Active
Years Active: -Present

Mikołaj "KrzaQ" Krzaczek - Everything

Location: Chelm, Poland
Genre: Folk/Melodic Death Metal

Current Label: Independent/Unsigned
Booking/Press Contact:

Snapchat: krzaqcinek

Night of the Raven (EP - 2017)
Released June 25, 2017

Lyrics - Thamnos
Music - Thamnos
Mix/Master - Thamnos Records
Album cover - Photo by Piotr Bielecki Creations/Edit by Thamnos

Beyond The Dark Announces New EP + New Single Released

Beyond The Dark is a melodic death metal band formed in 2014 in Rome, Italy. The band started composing their own songs immediately and at the end of 2014, after a period of intense work, entered in the studio to record the first and homonymous EP "Beyond The Dark". The EP was released on November 30, 2015 and was  mixed and mastered at Overload Recording Studios.  

Aside from delivering blast beats and blistering guitar riffs, Beyond the Dark also displays impressive range and mellows things down just a bit. Just a bit, though. It still retains the driving sound that makes it fit with the rest of the album. The sum total is 6 tracks that deliver a great sound. 

On October 25th, 2016 the band announced a new EP "Unspoken" following the below statement:

"Hi guys, we have some news to share with you all. 
Giovanni -main songwriter and founding member of the band- is undergoing a big change in his life and he is going to leave Italy very soon. As a result, we decided to change priorities and we are now switching the direction of the band to a studio project.
This doesn't mean we won't be playing live again, but it will just be in selected shows and not in the near future.

And now, for the good news... we already started the recording sessions of a new 3-tracks EP to be released in the first months of 2017! Stay tuned, updates coming soon!" - Commented the band.

On June 30th, 2017, Beyond The Dark released the first single "Retune Your Mind", the whole EP willl be released on July 23rd, 2017. This Ep is the first band's release with their new vocalist Giuseppe Massimiliano Di Giorgio  (Black Therapy, ex-Eyeconoclast, ex-Adimiron).

Retune Your Mind (Single - 2017)

Released: June 30th, 2017

Formed In: 2014
Status: Active
Years Active: 2014-Present

Giuseppe Massimiliano Di Giorgio - Vocals
Giovanni Fontanella - Lead / Rhythm Guitar
Valerio Catoni - Lead / Rhythm Guitar
Matteo Boccardi - Bass
Gabriele Santoni - Drums

Country of Origin: Italy
Location: Rome, Lazio
Genre: Melodic Death Metal/Metalcore

Current Label:Unsigned/Independent
Booking/Press Contact:

Helslave - Divination (EP - 2017) - Bandcamp Stream

Helslave is a death metal band from Rome. The band was formed in 2009 by guitarist Jari, who soon teamed up with Daniele on vocals to play the music they both liked. The band's influences are mainly from the 90's death and melodeath Swedish scene, revisited with a personal and modern style. The live activity has never stopped during these years, peaking, in July '14, with the partecipation to the Metaldays festival in Slovenia, where they shared the stage with bands like Asphyx, Possessed, Havok, Forgotten Tombs and many others.

After some lineup changes, in 2013 Helslave release their first self-product Ep “Ethereal Decay”. A few months later, they signed a deal with label Revalve Records for the release of their first full length album “An Endless Path” that came out in June 2015, recorded at OuterSound Studios by Giuseppe Orlando.

On May 23rd 2017 the band announced a new EP titled "Divination" and released a new single called "Lord Of Lies", "Divination" out on June 23rd via Black Market Metal Label. 

New EP "Divination" by Helslave is both crushing and memorable, playing Swedish inspired Death Metal in the vein of Grave, Entombed and Desultory. Prepare yourself for grim and murky death metal in the old style, the kind of stuff that doesn't rely on triggered blast beats, light-in-the-loafers warbling, or anything but the crudest building blocks to construct its killing art.

Recorded at 16th Cellar Studio (Hideous Divinity, Decrepit Birth) and Mixed & Masterd by Sverker Widgren (Diabolical) at Wing Studios.

The EP is the band's first release with their new vocalist Diego Laino (Ade, Symbolyc, ex-Winter Mist). 

Formed In: 2009
Status: Active
Years Active: 2009-Present

Lorenzo Fabiani - Guitar
Jari Sgarlato - Guitar
Daniele Vitale - Vocals
Francesco Comerci - Drums
Luca Riccardelli - Bass

Country of Origin: Italy
Location: Rome, Lazio
Genre: Melodic Death/Thrash Metal

Current Label: Revalve Records
Booking/Press Contact:

Lord of Lies (Single - 2017)

Released June 23, 2017 

"Divination" has been recorded at Stefano Morabito's 16th Cellar Studio and Mixed & Mastered by Sverker Widgren ( Diabolical, Centinex) at Wing Studios in Stockholm, Sweden. 
Artwork by Misanthropic Art

Pre orders:

Clouds - Fields Of Nothingness (feat Mikko Kotamäki) - (Single - 2017) - Youtube Stream

Clouds - Destin

Clouds, an international doom project, just announced a new EP, and you can read all about it below. To sum it up, it will be titled Destin and feature artwork by Arthur Kornovics and four new songs. The cover has been revealed and can be seen as well. 

The band explained: "Dear friends, it is with much pleasure we present to you with Destin. This will be our new EP and its artwork has Arthur Kornovics's distinct signature as usual. There will be two versions of this release, CD and vinyl.

"The CD version will contain four new songs, Errata, the single which by now hasn't been included on any physical material and two acoustic versions of older songs: Even If I Fall and You Went So Silent. The vinyl version will contain just the four new songs as a collector's edition.

"There will also be a special package for this release limited to only 50 pieces, and we will come back with more details regarding it, however, what we can say by now is that this is going to be very much on your liking and will contain a lot of items. Please stay tuned until Monday next week, when we will come back with our next guest appearance on the EP as well as more news about the EP itself."

On June 30th, 2017 Clouds released the first single Fields Of Nothingness feat Mikko Kotamäki (Mikko from Swallow the Sun vocalist).

Their new EP "Destin", the EP will be released on
1st of August 2017 (Digitaly) and on1st of September 2017 (Physicaly) in Fifty limited edition 100% handmade, hand numbered (both cd and packaging) digipacks. The digipacks will have between 3 to 5 panels (CD in the middle, 2 folds sideways and 2 folds up and down). You can Pre-Order and kow more about the package features here:

Clouds is a veritable supergroup containing members of some of the most prolific Doom bands around. Formed by Daniel Neagoe (Eye Of Solitude, Deos, Colosus) in 2013, he states, "The music is dedicated to departed ones, loved ones who now, are no longer amongst us." Joined by Jarno Salomaa (Shape Of Despair), Déhà (Imber Luminis, Slow), Kostas Panagiotou (Pantheist, Wijlen Wij), Pim Blankenstein (Officium Triste, The 11th Hour), Jón Aldará (Barren Earth, Hamferð), Daniel Mark Antoniades who plays foi Eye Of Solitude (guitars) and Sidious (vocals) and crew. CLOUDS orchestrate solemn odes of pain and sorrow dedicated to departed souls. Forged following the passing of someone close and dear, to hear CLOUDS is to lose yourself in a grievous journey through paths of desolation, anguish and despair.

Fields Of Nothingness (feat Mikko Kotamäki - Swallow The Sun)

Released: June 30th, 2017

Formed in: 2013
Status: Active
Years active: 2013-Present

Daniel Neagoe  -  Drums, Vocals 
Jarno Salomaa  - Guitars 
Déhà - Guitars, Bass 
Kostas Panagiotou - Keyboards 
Pim Blankenstein - Vocals 
Jón Aldará - Vocals 
Anders Eek  - Drums
Mark Antoniades - Guitar

Genre: Atmospheric Doom Metal
Country of origin: International
Location: United Kingdom / Finland / Netherlands / Faroe Islands / Belgium

Current label: Domestic Genocide Records

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Blaze of Sorrow - Astri (Full-Length Album - 2017) - Bandcamp Stream

Hailing from Italy, Blaze of Sorrow was born ten years ago as a musical vessel to deliver themes of sorrow and self-reflection through nature-inspired black metal with a number of folk influences. Masterminded by multi-instrumentalist Peter, after several demos they quickly caught the attention of the underground with their self-released ‘L’ultimo Respiro’ debut albums, a record steeped in an ambience of despair and longing.

Since then, Peter has continued to fashion Blaze of Sorrow’s unique approach to atmosphere across a further three full-length albums – fusing the essence of the night sky and the tranquillity of the wilderness with outpourings of pure anguish, the band has distilled their own instantly-recognisable sound to increasing effect throughout their career.

And so in 2017, it almost feels like destiny that to mark a decade of existence, Blaze of Sorrow have chosen to join the Eisenwald roster to release their fifth album. ‘Astri’ is a fitting tribute to what the band have achieved so far in their career as well as offering a further development of their sound. Delicate acoustic guitars and sibilant, whispered vocals are contrasted with raging chords and furious percussion (courtesy of long-standing drummer N) to deliver a truly immersive and atmospheric experience. Taking cues from legendary acts such as Agalloch and Katatonia, Blaze of Sorrow paint paeans to melancholy on waves of searing melody in a beguiling blend of dark folk and raging extreme metal.

The encroaching autumnal twilight and desolate lamentations to the lost are what Blaze of Sorrow call home – and they invite you to join them. “Astri” was released on ‘09/06/2017’ on CD /LP and digital formats.

Formed In: 2007
Status: Active
Years Active: 2007-Present

Peter - All instruments, Vocals
NEVON (N) - Drums 

Country of Origin:  Italy
Location: Mantua, Lombardy
Genre: Atmospheric Black/Folk Metal

Current Label: Eisenwald Tonschmiede
Booking/Press Contact:


Astri (Full-Length Album - 2017)

Released June 9, 2017 

Artwork by Elisa Urbinati:

Order CD, LP or the "Mooneater" T-shirt: