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quarta-feira, 31 de maio de 2017

The Ruins Of Beverast - Exuvia (Full-Length Album - 2017) - Bandcamp Stream

Alexander von Meilenwald’s career over the past decade as the creator of and solo performer in The Ruins of Beverast, while varied in tone and sonic direction, has been nothing short of exemplary. From the lo-fi catacombs of Rain Upon the Impure to the doom-laden heaviness of Blood Vaults, each release has painted consistently mesmerizing portraits of death, suffering, and mysticism through a unique amalgamation of black and doom metal. While each release by the band has been unique in comparison to its predecessors, it’s been four years since The Ruins of Beverast released a full-length, and 2016’s puzzling EP Takitum Tootem! was a sonic curveball of epic proportions. Equally championed and reviled by fans, the EP not only added confusion as to which sonic direction the band would take with its latest record, Exuvia, but trepidation in some as to whether it would be any good. If you were worried that The Ruins of Beverast is losing its edge, may your fears be assuaged. This is some premium metal.

Exuvia feels like the culmination of a decade-long journey for the band toward new sonic and thematic territory, hinted at most clearly in last year’s EP release, which delved into musical and philosophical concepts behind mankind’s loss of its ascendant status in the biological world. While albums such as Foulest Semen of a Sheltered Elite showed glimmers of the mythic, shamanistic sounds that the band is capable of conjuring, few works in the band’s discography could mentally prepare listeners for the raw, psychedelia-infused tribal nightmare that bleeds through every inch of this record. Airy and ethereal chants, pounding and spacey drums, and ethereal guitar effects all combine to create an almost trancelike musical narrative that sucks you in from the album’s opening seconds and genuinely grips the listener throughout. This is atmospheric, blackened doom metal at its most mythical and truly epic. Few bands are making music like this, especially at this caliber or scale.

Exuvia is a vessel of constipated lethal bacteria, loading an atonic fluid, a venomous substance of colours, a marsh of florescence. It is a fortress against a siege machine of spiritless organisms and so much a yell to nature's cleansing spirits. EXUVIA features 6 psychoabyssal downward spirals in TROBesque paintwork. Production and mixing was processed with Michael Zech.

Exuvia is an incredibly dense album. It is also a thoroughly rewarding listen. Fifteen-minute songs breeze by in a fiery squall of sound that never once veers south of interesting. It is intricately plotted, expertly performed, and engaging from start to finish. Listeners who like their doom and black metal drenched in atmosphere and organic, tribal overtones will have found one of their favorite albums of all time. 

All told, this is an incredibly complex album that is difficult to digest, especially the first time around. However, its complexity and difficulty is part of what makes it so outstanding. There are so many elements present on this album and though the Native American percussion may be off-putting to some, it fits beautifully with the rest of the soundscape that The Ruins of Beverast have created on Exuvia. You can feel every bit of emotion present in these songs as the album really benefits from being recorded in a professional studio. For all who enjoy good metal, look no further than Exuvia for an hour of incredible music. Strongly recommended.

Media Praise

"Journey is the appropriate word here. This album is a trip and a half. The layering of instruments and sounds is exceptional, and could keep the active listener busy for hours on end trying to parse out and dissect each individual component. This is some premium metal." - Heavy Blog Is Heavy

"The more I listen to Exuvia the more it works. Its content warrants its length; it needs the time and space to root its unique tendrils into the brain. This is exactly the album I wanted The Ruins of Beverast to release: diverse, experimental, and unsettling. An album that inhales, exhales and moves with fluency and togetherness. But most importantly its sound is anchored by rage-filled black-death-doom that hearkens back to the wonders of The Foulest Semen of a Sheltered Elite. " - Angry Metal Guy (Rating: 4.5/5).

Formed In: 2003
Status: Active
Years Active: 2003-Present

Alexander von Meilenwald - Everything 

Country of Origin: Germany
Location: Aachen, North Rhine-Westphalia
Genre: Atmospheric Black/Doom Metal

Current Label: Ván Records

Exuvia (Full-Length Album - 2017) 

Released May 5, 2017

Production and mixing was processed with Michael Zech.


segunda-feira, 29 de maio de 2017

Forest of Fog - (2003 - 2016) [ Full Discography] - Bandcamp Stream

Foto de Forest Of Fog.

After first forming in 2003, and following the release of three full-length albums in the early 2000’s, Forest of Fog, the brainchild of ex-Eluveitie guitarist and Swiss musician Ivo Henzi, is back with a vengeance in 2016. Since the unfortunate happenings with Eluveitie, Ivo Henzi joined with ex-Eluveitie band mates Merlin Sutter and Anna Murphy to form a three-piece band based on the title of Anna’s debut album, Cellar Darling. Their Dedut album will be released on June 30, 2017.

Ten years after the release of album number three, Abgründe, the first single, “Awake” from Forest of Fog’s new forthcoming album (as-yet-untitled) was released back in August this year and has already seen the video accumulate over 21,000 hits on YouTube.

Not only is single “Awake” the first track and piece of new material from Forest of Fog in 10 years, but it is also the first track from the band written and performed entirely in English, the Swiss guitar player stretches genre boundaries and proves his worth far beyond his legacy with Eluveitie.

The music of Forest of Fog has always run a fine line between black metal and melodic death, with “Awake” showing an even stronger leaning towards the latter. Featuring drumming from Merlin Sutter and mixing/mastering from Anna Murphy, both (ex-Eluveitie, Cellar Darling). The  cover art, created by Romania’s Costin Chioreanu.

“‘Awake’ is the first new song from Forest Of Fog since 2006. It describes the profound feeling of an inner awakening: facing the past and letting go can be painful, but what follows is the realisation that it is the only way to find new paths in life. It is something you can apply to your physical, psychological or even spiritual state.” - Ivo Henzi

Henzi plays a style that ties Nagelfar, Nargaroth and Taake together. However not extremely original, borrowing from all three, the combination is unique. He released one phenomenal demo in 2003, an outstanding full-length in 2004 and, for as far as my taste can be projected on others hearing the band, Nebelhymnen (2005) beats both on multiple surfaces. The Demo was called Rabenflug, a title that might origin from a Nagelfar song called Der Flug Des Raben.

Forest Of Fog’s debut, Untergang (2004), was an even more epic release. Nagelfar played a more important role as an influence here, which mostly resulted in the powerfully thrashing guitar parts and heroic sonic explosions that are clearly Nagelfar’s trademark.

Formed In: 2003
Status: Active
Years Active: 2003-Present

Ivo Henzi - Everything

Country of Origin: Switzerland
Location: Winterthur
Genre: Black Metal

Current Label: Schwarzmetall Musikproduktionen
General Manager:
Merlin Sutter & Kate Piatkowska at Booya Ventures Ltd / Booya Music,
Booking/Press Contact:

Official Website:

Awake (Single - 2016)

 Released August 5, 2016

All music written, performed & recorded by Ivo Henzi (ex-Eluveitie, Cellar Darling).
Drums performed by Merlin Sutter (ex-Eluveitie, Cellar Darling, Anna Murphy).

Recorded at Soundfarm studios by Anna Murphy & Marco Jencarelli | Mixed by Anna Murphy | Mastered by Marco Jencarelli & Anna Murphy.

Google Play Music:

Abgründe (Full-Length Album -  2006)

Released May 29, 2006

Nebelhymnen (Full-Length Album - 2005)

 Released May 2, 2005

Untergang (Full-Length Album - 2004)

 Released April 11, 2004

Rabenflug (Demo - 2003)

Released October 10, 2003

sexta-feira, 26 de maio de 2017

Helslave Announces New EP + New Single Released

Helslave is a death metal band from Rome. The band was formed in 2009 by guitarist Jari, who soon teamed up with Daniele on vocals to play the music they both liked. The band's influences are mainly from the 90's death and melodeath Swedish scene, revisited with a personal and modern style. The live activity has never stopped during these years, peaking, in July '14, with the partecipation to the Metaldays festival in Slovenia, where they shared the stage with bands like Asphyx, Possessed, Havok, Forgotten Tombs and many others.

After some lineup changes, in 2013 Helslave release their first self-product Ep “Ethereal Decay”. A few months later, they signed a deal with label Revalve Records for the release of their first full length album “An Endless Path” that came out in June 2015, recorded at OuterSound Studios by Giuseppe Orlando.

On May 23rd 2017 the band announced a new EP titled "Divination" and released a new single called "Lord Of Lies", "Divination" out on June 23rd via Black Market Metal Label. 

Formed In: 2009
Status: Active
Years Active: 2009-Present

Lorenzo Fabiani - Guitar
Jari Sgarlato - Guitar
Daniele Vitale - Vocals
Francesco Comerci - Drums
Luca Riccardelli - Bass

Country of Origin: Italy
Location: Rome, Lazio
Genre: Melodic Death/Thrash Metal

Current Label: Revalve Records
Booking/Press Contact:

Lord of Lies (Single - 2017)

Releases June 23, 2017 

"Divination" has been recorded at Stefano Morabito's 16th Cellar Studio and Mixed & Mastered by Sverker Widgren ( Diabolical, Centinex) at Wing Studios in Stockholm, Sweden. 
Artwork by Misanthropic Art

Pre orders:

domingo, 21 de maio de 2017

Running Death - DressAge (Full-Length Album - 2017) - Bandcamp Stream

The band was founded 2004 and has from the beginning always been looking for quality, diversity and a completely unique style. Exploring their own ground is what keeps the musicians around founder, guitarist and singer Simon Bihlmayer awake at night.

You're way more likely to hear stomping heavy metal riffs paired with unorthodox arranged razor sharp trash riffs ... than all the things you've already heard so often and really have grown weary of! Celebrating wide diversity and integrating an extraordinarily ambitioned reinterpretation of 80s flair, the four métier maniacs invite you to a journey through their wonderfully catchy and powerful songs.

In the year 2012 RUNNING DEATH for the first time managed to be heard and saluted outside of the THRASH METAL underground, thanks to their EP titled "The Call Of Extinction". Their search for style, flow of ideas and songwriting started taking extraordinarily unique shapes on their just as playful as original release.

A major factor why fans and music media alike received it with highest praise is the plethora of wonderfully fresh ideas, the bavarian Thrash Metal exception around singer and guitarist Simon bring to life.

They write 2015, the year RUNNING DEATH released their shining debut album "Overdrive". Inspired to a huge extend by their experience on the road, playing highly explosive and headcrushing shows wherever they can, "Overdrive" is one of the most original, interesting and rewarding releases of it's own demonstratively sophisticated Thrash genre, that has made it into our ears for a long time. This is due a lot to the extraordinary vocals by axeman Simon, whose voice couldn't be less conformant. While others constantly scream with all they got, the RUNNING DEATH frontman prefers giving in fully to his own individuality.

In an ever so solid and exciting team with co-six-stringer Julian the guitars keep screaming high intensity riffs to your ears, even when the songs dive into some of the more progressive areas. Drummer Jakob as well is no small deal, besides keeping it professional all the time he is giving those surprising accents that listeners desiring for precision and complex rhythms enjoy so much. And especially if you're a fan of MEGADETH or the good old INTRUDER you should find just what you're looking for in this masterful bavarian band.

Their elaborate mix of old school Metal, timeless art and finest melodies together with a huge portion of idealism gives the quickly moving band a huge space to work and develop in. If you first are put off by their individuality, this will soon be what brings you back to their music over and over again.

Last but not least, all of the above also applies to the artistically as well as meaningful front cover artwork of "Overdrive", which helps RUNNING DEATH seted apart from the broad masses a lot.

With their 2015 debut album "Overdrive" they triggered a positive as well as far-reaching surprise-effect as a vertical starter, which attracted a multitude of worldwide fans. Countless reviews attested the band around guitarist and singer Simon Bihlmayer with their 'dancing from the row' material, a very own, upscale class. Encouraged by this, the songwriting became even more hungry, but also more settled and determined.

And now RUNNING DEATH are back with a new work: "DressAge" titled, the second longplayer presents the crisp rocking THRASH METAL of the Bavarians in so far unheard freshness and dynamics!

Official release date for "DressAge" is May 26th, 2017.

Whoever, as a new listener wants to get a route for orientation in advance - many sorts of references to Megadeth lead in the correct direction. For friends of such stylistics, it should be difficult in any case to resist ultra-melodic and discreetly progressive rhythm-grenades like "Heroes Of The Hour".

Similar to the aforementioned US giants, RUNNING DEATH also let all classic, grippy Rock elements flow in homogeneously manner into their partly hit-suspicious staged Thrash alarm.

Even on the textual level, there is deliberately thought-through content. Often written with a pinched eye, the quartet's punctual lyrics are definitely the most readable in the genre.

With tracks like "Duty Of Beauty" for example, RUNNING DEATH humorously relate to the ever-dehumanizing fashion madness of today.

The natural, striking singing of frontman Simon, who already caused lively discussions with the successful debut-disk, breaks out of the ten new songs even more individual and uncompromising.

Even in the balladesque passages, the guitarist, as a convinced 100 % guy, simply inverts his innermost outwards with full emotion, instead of following the standards of the metier.

The detailed front cover for "DressAge" was created by the Mexican graphic artist Joel Sánchez Rosales, which was the perfect match for the lyrical relationship to the delicious dressage theme of the title song.

The four men from Kaufbeuren celebrate a well working mixture of talent, intellect, class and innovation as well as having the greatest fun working on their material.

For sure gain a lot of prompt attention – from more than just fans of their genre.  What we’ve seen so far makes us expect nothing less than a thrash metal sensation. All those factors combined create such an unique and ever exciting soundscape, that many kinds of Metal and even Rock heads will find their itch for genuinely good music scratched!

Formed in: 2004
Status: Active
Years active: 2004-Present

Simon Bihlmayer - Guitar, Vocals
Max Bauer - Bass
Jakob Weikmann - Drums
Julian - Guitar, Shouts

Country of origin: Germany
Location: Kaufbeuren, Bavaria

Genre: Thrash Metal
Current Label: Punishment 18 Records
Booking/Press Contact:

Promotion • Consulting


Press Contact:

Office: 0049 (0) 8191 – 960 799
Cell: 0049 - (0) 176 – 6091 – 2025

PO Box 11 12
D-86912 Kaufering

Official Webite:

DressAge (Full-Length Album - 2017)

Releases May 26th, 2017

Art Cover by Joel Sánchez Rosales


sábado, 20 de maio de 2017

Loss - Horizonless (Full-Length Album - 2017) - Bandcamp Stream

Six doomed years in creation since their debut LP “Despond”, Nashville, Tennessee melancholic death/funeral doom metal band LOSS have completed work on their new LP “Horizonless”, one of the most anticipated death/doom metal releases of the year set for release on May 19th on CD/2xLP/Digital.

Traveling further into the void and beyond the realms of hopelessness and despondency “Horizonless” is a journey destitute of all hope and redemption, one where heartbreak, total death and never ending despair triumphs.

Produced and engineered by Billy Anderson in the band’s hometown of Music City itself, resulting in LOSS’ most majestic sounding work to date, “Horizonless” forges the LOSS’ sound tapestry into a realm more immense and dynamic; heavier, darker, more melancholic, and sorrowful. Where “Despond” laid down that foundation that gave LOSS the reputation as the saddest and bleakest band in the death/doom metal scene, “Horizonless” forges that funeral march onwards even moreso towards ruin, decay, and utter oblivion.

Formed In: 2004
Status: Active
Years Active: 2004-Present

John Anderson - Bass
Jay LeMaire - Drums
Timothei Lewis - Guitars
Mike Meacham - Vocals, Guitars

Country of Origin: United States
Location: Nashville, Tennessee
Genre: Funeral Doom Metal/Death Metal

Current Label: Profound Lore Records
Booking/Press Contact:


Horizonless (Full-Length Album - 2017)

Releases May 19, 2017 

Produced, engineered, and mixed by Billy Anderson 
Mastered by Brad Boatright at Audiosiege 
Artwork by Adam Burke 
Guest vocals on "When Death Is All" by Wrest, Stevie Floyd, and Billy Anderson


Kaledon - Carnagus - Emperor Of The Darkness ( Album - 2017)

After 3 years from the previous release, KALEDON return with the bombastic, epic and majestic album "Carnagus - Emperor Of The Darkness".

With a renewed line-up, enhanced by Michele Guaitoli's (Overtures, ex-Future Is Tomorrow) powerful vocals and Manuele di Ascenzo's (ex-Secret Rule) amazing drums skills, mastermind Alex Mele (guitars) has finally forged a new chapter of the 'Legend Of The Forgotten Reign' saga reaching the perfect mix of modern riffs, classic Power Metal speeds, epic choirs and symphonic arrangements. Together with Paolo Campitelli (keyboards) and the founding members Tommy Nemesio (guitars) and Paolo Lezziroli (bass guitar) KALEDON are back, stronger than ever.

Official release date for "Carnagus - Emperor Of The Darkness" is May 15th, 2017.

World-renowned French graphic artist Jean-Pascal Fournier, who has once again been working for KALEDON after the 2010 work "Legend Of The Forgotten Reign, Chapter VI: The Last Night On The Battlefield", is responsible for the optically worthy presentation of the new album.

KALEDON had been working on the entire chapter of this saga on six albums. Once the saga was written down in 1997. Now all the parts of this long-term tracked overall concept fit together convincingly and extremely exciting on a single album.

Thematically dramatically, 2017 is all about this elaborately narrated, medieval fantasy story. It is about the classic good/evil plot ... and so much more. 

There are two rulers in this conflict, which is deeply marked by malicious, cruel and intriguing jealousy: while the good regent Antillius knows everything around him, which makes a decent kingdom happy, the evil opponent monarch Carnagus envies him all the luck. Everything begins with the fatal birth of Carnagus in November of the gloomy year of 1295 ...


"… a kaleidoscope of Power Metal, epic choirs and symphonic arrangements that will please fans of this genre, absolutely a must-have in your collection." - 95 / 100 (Insane Voices Labirynth)

"… a very good album of Power Metal from the epic and adventurous shades, with plenty of surprises …" - 95 / 100 (Antonio Moliterni)

"… the perfect storm of epic and melodic, symphonic and melodic, Power Metal. It's what KALEDON does best and, if you love the genre, you will not be disappointed with 'Carnagus - Emperor Of The Darkness'."- 4,5 / 5 (Dangerdog)

"Everything turns to perfection and, as you can say, here's a lot of stuff; I believe, KALEDON have made the definitive record of their consecration at international level with "Carnagus, Emperor Of The Darkness", a mature, complete, aggressive work but with great attention to melodies, in short, a gentleman's album! And it will be hard for anyone else to do better in this 2017 ..." - 4,5 / 5 (All Around Metal)

"'Carnagus – Emperor Of The Darkness' is simply a superb slab of Power Metal from start to finish without a single bad or filler cut in between." - 9 / 10 (Apochs)

9 / 10
"KALEDON continues to gain power, with each issue … masters in the art of Symphonic Heavy. If you like the previous records, you will only find your happiness with 'Carnagus…' and if you didn't know the group … risk an ear … maybe you will be conquered ..."
(Soil Chronicles)

9 / 10
"… their tenth full-length really puts the pedal to the Metal … will please fans of both Rhapsody and Mystic Prophecy alike (two opposite ends of the Power Metal spectrum)."
(The Metal Observer)

" … knows in many ways to please … KALEDON are back, with an unimagined strength and punch …" - 9 / 10 (Oliverdsw)

"Power Metal away from the hustle and bustle, and also with a strong vocal performance for which new entrant Michele Guaitoli is responsible. His vocal facet richness could already be marveled at the band Overtures and its album "Artifacts" ... and also on "Carnagus - Emperor Of The Darkness" this vocalist makes an outstanding figure at the microphone. Power Metal's typical sounds elicit from his throat as well as warm and melodic vocal lines!" - 4 / 5 (DeepGround)

"… a sure key that will open the band's doors directly to the international success, pursued for many years but finally there to be grabbed. Compliments!" - 85 / 100 (Loud And Proud)

"… great Power Metal, proud, epic, melodic and roaring … a handful of really intense and devastating songs … high-level songwriting …" - 8,5 / 10 (In Your Eyes)

"… this is by far one of KALEDON's best albums to date … Epic Melodic Power Metal at its best with powerful tunes that will please every fan of this genre … this band deserves more popularity among the fans of the pure Epic Power Metal." - 8,4 / 10 (Heavy Paradise)

"… debuts the vocalist Michele Guaitoli (also with Overtures), to me an improvement … the music is the expected efficient epic symphonic Power Meta,l well led by Alex Mele, with some darker elements (according to the main character) …" - 8 / 10 (Sounds From Apocalypse)

"It is strange that after all these years and so many albums, they are still hardly noticed. That should change now!" - 8 / 10 (Crossfire Metal)

"The vocals are nicely bombastic, dramatic and melodic but also compliment the dark tone of the album. KALEDON have produced one of the finest Power Metal albums I have heard so far this year and are definitely a band I will be going back and checking out the back catalogue of." - 8 / 10 (Musipedia Of Metal)

"… virtuosic mix of Power and Heavy Metal… " - 8 / 10 (Der Hörspiegel)

"… their best work." - 77 / 100 (Ragherrie)

"… a well-designed Power Metal record, powerful and, of course, adventurous and delicious …" - 7,6 / 10 (El Portal Del Metal)

"… composed by highly trained musicians … with perfect professionalism …" - 7,5 / 10 (Rozsdagyar)

"… the good Michele … gives a performance perfectly suited to the structures of a disc that gives KALEDON a new dimension." - 7,5 / 10 (

"… with the new album KALEDON bring their best ever on the market … a strong performance …" - 7,5 / 10 (Rock Garage)

"extremely passable guitar melodies, which still emphasize the playful keyboard paintings."- 7 / 10
(Metal Forever)

"Michele Guaitoli is a welcome addition to the band and does a good job … KALEDEON are heavy enough for meatheads and poser killing Baloff proteges, 'Carnagus…' has something for everyone." - 3 / 5 (Angry Metal Guy)

"'Carnagus - Emperor Of The Darkness' is the most recent chapter of a saga that wishes to be continued in the future, elevating even more the quality value of the opus." - (Metal Em Portugal)

"It does not get any better! Very riff-oriented ... to give a song-tip is anything but simple and I avoid it anyway, since all ten pieces are absolute genius." - (BlattTurbo)

"… a well-arranged and smooth Power Metal album that certainly knows no lows, but also no real outliers." - (

"The 2017 incarnation of KALEDON is a focused, well-oiled machine that pumps out great songs with catchy depth. As Power Metal goes this is easily the best thing I’ve heard this year so far." - (Wonderbox Metal)

"The album is very facet and varied ... partly one can call the sound colors of Michele Guaitoli warm. Fast riffs alternate with melodic singing inserts and you can feel the heart blood that is in the songs. "Carnagus - Emperor Of The Darkness" - an album that should not only inspire fans, but also a treat for some newcomers." -  (Bad Black Unicorn)

"… KALDEON understand their craft …" - (Kalle Rock)

"KALEDON's catch is that they are not so close to Power Metal rules … 'Carnagus (Emperor Of The Darkness)' tracks are a myriad of Metal styles." - (Metal Addicts)

"'Carnagus: Emperor Of The Darkness' has become a class-disk in which every fan of the Power Metal genre should be in love." - (Snooze Control)

"… buy recommendation …" - (Heavy Metal

Carnagus - Emperor of the Darkness', already available digitally and physically ready on May 26th! Pre-sales are going great (and they'll keep on being discounted until MAY 26th), reviews are going great and, without hiding behind a transparent glass: the already online songs on youtube are receiving a great response!

Formed In: 1998
Status: Active
Years Active: 1998-Present

Michele Guaitoli - Voice
Alex Mele - Guitars
Tommy Nemesio - Guitars
Paolo Campitelli - Keyboards
Paolo Lezziroli - Bass
Manuele Di Ascenzo - Drums

Country of Origin: Italy
Location: Rome, Lazio
Genre: Power Metal

Current Label: Sleaszy Rider Records
Booking/Press Contact:


Carnagus - Emperor Of The Darkness ( Album - 2017)

Release Date: May 15th, 2017 via Sleaszy Rider Records.

 Sound engineering by Simone Mularoni (
Illustrations by Jean Pascal Fournier
Produced by KALEDON

quinta-feira, 18 de maio de 2017

Embrace The Darkness - Temptations Nest (Single - 2017) - Bandcamp Stream

One day in the summer of 2012, Seth met with Jindra recommendations for wifi router. How differently than beer therefore have sprouted seeds Embrace the Darkness. Seth said he knows little growlit and Henry could play a little guitar, and knew a few people who are also playing instruments.

And word led to another, they changed mobile phones and  during one evening  they reunited a line-up with Seth (Vocals), Martin (Guitar), Henry (Guitar), Peter (Drums) and John (Bass).

They started to rehearse some covers and seek further reinforcement of their crew - a girl's voice and keyboards. They agreed that their chosen style will Melodic Death Metal with some Doom Metal thoughts. As their main idol they chose Insomnium, and Draconian.

On voice we got Anet, post keys, but despite great hardship empty. And so they have tried in this report to their first unofficial gig on Brezina, where we also presented its first beam - Revenge (In the Dark Woods). Responses were quite solid so we decided to quit. Unfortunately, in the spring of 2013 because of misunderstandings Anet leaves the band, and so they became again only the fifth

In the spring of 2013 began to appear more songs, is just they do not have enough time over the summer to play. One Friday Jindra came late for rehearsal and Martin brought his friend David who knows how to play the violin to play with them. After throwing a few instruments are playing a new song For The Salvation without guitars but with the violin. And the wound is starting idea why they fill in the band (?). After a week, then David joins the band, and they have complete the line up.

In 2013, they climbed one piece nervous on the boards of Fame in the club m13 and played their first ever gig. With the strong support of the crowd, they decided to continue with this and  Between 2014-2015 they played several concerts with high quality bands like. Soulwound (FIN) Mortalium (UKR) and Root (CZE).

In the spring of 2015, in January they took a pause to studio some  to be able to record a single. In April 2015, they entered the studio SONIDOS and recorded their 4 track EP, called The Nameless One. Unfortunately, after leaving their violinist David.

Joins the band in July 2015 violinist Stan and relatively quickly injected into the report, and after a week playing their first concert. At the same time they were celebrating the semifinals achievement competition SPARK FRESH BLOOD which was is a great success.

Their first release, an EP titled The Nameless, came out on Feb 20th, 2016. 

Today, May 18, 2017, the  band released their new single called "Temptations Nest" that is available for listening at, and soon on Spotify and Google Music! The single was recorded, produced and mixed  at Neuro Impulse sound studio by Jakub Maggi Malášek and Olsson Sušil. News about an possible release will be announced soon.

Their music is influented by northern melodic death metal bands such as Insomnium, In Mourning, Omnium Gatherum, Draconian, Omnium Gatherum, Agalloch, Alcest, Opeth, My Dying Bride, Paradise Lost, Theatre of Tragedy, Anathema, Amorphis(amongst a few others). They're trying to add a touch of violin to each song and bring up the right atmosphere.

Their world is rotting in the misery and sadness, forcing the people to be led by selfishness and hate. So they will tell you a story of the lone person, that tries to find himself in loneliness and in the end of his life, he realizes that he can do anything he wants because he has nothing to lose.

Formed In: 2012
Status: Active
Years Active: 2012-Present

Jindra Bubeník - Guitar
Aleš Krupica - Vocals
Petr Hejč - Drums
Martin Zejda - Guitar
Honza Šmerda - Bass
Stanislav Žoldak - Violin

Country of Origin: Czech Republic
Location: Kurim

Current Label: Unsigned/Independent
Booking/Press Contact:

Temptations Nest (Single - 2017)

Released May 18, 2017 
Music - Jindra Bubeník, Martin Zejda, Jan Šmerda, Václav Nováček, Stanislav Žoldak 
Lyrics - Aleš Krupica 

Recorded, produced and mixed in Neuro-Impulse studio, Brno (2016)
Graphics : Martin Zejda 

All rights reserved by Embrace the Darkness 
Embrace the Darkness 2017 

terça-feira, 16 de maio de 2017

Beneath The Divine - Wicked Resurrection (Full-Length Album - 2017) - Bandcamp Stream

Beneath The Divine , are a old school doom based rock band from South Wales.With elements of Stoner rock. Vocal sung not screamed. THE WICKED RESURRECTION [ May 2017] is their 1st Album previously 2 ep`s were released.

The official release date for THE WICKED RESURRECTION is 19th May. This is when it goes live on Amazon,Itunes ect . We should also have physical copies by then all going well. In the meantime it is available pre release on bandcamp.

"It's hard to name a style or genre of heavy metal that does not, somewhere or other, raise it's elaborately horned head into view over the duration of "Wicked Resurrection's" eight gnarled and grizzled songs. Doom; stoner, traditional and epic mix together with metal; old school, power and proto and are fused together with elements of swampy sludge, hard rock and even a little ferocious thrash, these elements appearing sometimes all in the same song, sometimes separately,  Songs with titles like "Odin's Law", "Swamp King and "Phoenix Rising" are infused with a variety of differing dynamics, tempo's time signatures and tones ensuring that although some of the song's theme's of mythology, witchcraft and the occult, may seem a little generic they never ever sound stale or boring. Guitarist Kev Stait brings a plethora of fuzzed and distorted tones to the table, crunching out saw toothed riffage one minute, the next peeling scorching note perfect solo's from his fretboard, beneath him Tim Evans holds down the bottom end with big grizzly booming bass lines locking in perfectly with drummer Barney Haskey's mix of intricate and brutal percussion. Frontman Jason Hamilton Davies' vocals puts the icing on the cake , the singer deliberately avoids the usual growling, demonic approach that seems to be the norm these days instead opting for clarity over possession, his powerful clean, clear tones soaring and swooping over the perfectly executed grooves laid beneath him, voice and music combining in a heady mix of glorious heavy rock bluster and scintillating metallic groove.
"Wicked Resurrection" is a superb debut from a band who's manifesto  of delivering  familiar themes over diverse metallic grooves has definitely got Desert Psychlist's vote and hopefully will have yours too." - Source: stonerking1 (

Expect a band with vocals sung not screamed with a stoner edge in places. This is a solid, heavy and in places soulful project. We shall leave it up to you to decide what it sounds like.

Formed In: 2013
Status: Active
Years Active: 2013-Present

Tim Evans - Bass
Simon "Barney" Haskey - Drums
Kev Stait - Guitar
Jason Hamilton Davies - Vocals

Country of Origin: United Kingdom
Location: South Wales,
Genre: Stoner Metal

Current Label: Unsigned/Independent
Booking/Press Contact:


Wicked Resurrection (Full-Length Album - 2017)

Releases May 19, 2017

Drawn Awake - PASSENGER (Official Music Video 2017)

Foto de Drawn Awake.

Drawn Awake is up-coming unsigned melodic death metal band from Tampere Finland. In summer 2011 members who influenced in several local metal bands started a project named "Drawn Awake". In the beginning of 2012 Drawn Awake published their first EP called "Circle" containing three tracks.

The second EP, "Reflection", which contains four tracks, was composed and recorded in 2012 and released in the beginning of 2013. A music video was made of the opening track Game. Both releases, "Circle" and "Reflection", got good reception and were chosen as a "Demo of the month" by LammasZine.

After a change of lead guitarist, Drawn Awake started doing live shows around Finland and Baltic states. Year 2013 contained 15 gigs including supporting no other than Dark Tranquillity in Rockclub Tapper.

The year 2014 continued with a bunch of gigs and at the same time three new songs were composed for the third EP, "The New Era". It was recorded in the summer of 2014 and mixed & mastered by A. Kippo @ Astia-studio. "The New Era" was released on 11.11.2014 and so far it has gathered some great reviews and feedback.

Until 2015 Drawn Awake has released three EP's with total of 10 tracks and will continue live shows at 2015 while composing new material for the forthcoming full-length debut release. 

On Thursday April 13, 2017 Drawn Awake released a new song ‘PASSENGER’ with music video. This release is first one with their new vocalist Arttu and bass player Aleksi. The band just started to finalize composing of two new songs and plan is to get those released in the fall 2017.

Their music it's energetic and dynamic metal with progressive elements has gathered enthusiastic reviews since 2011. Drawn Awake has played over thirty shows in Finland and Baltics, one of which as support for Dark Tranquillity in Estonia Rockclub Tapper.

Formed In: 2011
Status: Active
Years Active: 2011-Present


Arttu Tuominen - Vocals

Henri Vuorela - Guitars

Lassi Tiainen - Guitars

Aleksi Pohjola - Bass

Ville Aatsinki - Drums

Genre: Melodic Death Metal
Hometown: Tampere, Finland

Current Label: Unsigned/Independent

Henri Vuorela // contact(at) // +358440334634


Miika ”Mega” Kuusinen // Metal Asylum Promotions // // +358405792248


PASSENGER (Official Music Video 2017)

Released: April 13, 2017

This music video is shot only by using single GoPro Hero 5 Session action camera. Editing and Color corrections made with Adobe Premiere Pro CC 2015.

Streaning and Pre-Orders:

Killcode - Kickin' and Screamin' (Official Music Video - 2017)

KILLCODE is a five piece band based in New York City. Their unique sound is a product of their diverse influences and has been described as "Southern infused Rock/ Metal with modern vocals." KILLCODE’s songs are hooky super charged sing along Anthems with BIG Guitars and Driving Rhythms.

Forming in 2008, vocalist Tom Morrissey and guitarist Chas laid the foundation with a couple of songs they recorded at Chas' home studio. After recruiting long time musical companion Erric Bonesmith on bass guitar, KILLCODE found its form with the addition of Pat Harrington on guitar and Rob Noxious on the drums.

With all members coming from established projects prior to KILLCODE, the band quickly raised eyebrows and landed on bills with the likes of Godsmack & Sevendust. KILLCODE also provided main support to Brett Scallions on the Re Fueled East Coast tour.

To date, band has released 'To Die For' (a six song EP released at the end of 2008), and a second six song EP, 'Taking it All', which was released in 2010. Both EPs charted well nationally and gained the band critical acclaim worldwide. The song "Breaking Away," off of 'Taking It All', was featured in the inspirational documentary, 'DRESSED', directed by David Swajeski and starring fashion designer Nari Manivong and "6am Again", which appears on both their debut EP, "To Die For" and the self titled full length album, has been featured on The Howard Stern Show on Sirius.

In 2012, they entered the studio once again with Juno nominated producer Stacy O'Dell (who produced both prior EPs) to record the full length, twelve song self-titled effort, 'KILLCODE'. The Album charted in the #2 position for the week of 8/18/12 on BILLBOARD Mid-Atlantic Heatseekers Charts. CME records recently re-released the album via Mega force/Sony Red with two bonus tracks, which will extend the bands reach even further.

In December of 2013, KILLCODE parted ways with Pat Harrington and welcomed DC Gonzalez on guitar. DC, known as lead guitarist for the rock band PANZIE, has proven to more than just fit in... his style complements what KILLCODE already had going on and it has reinvigorated the band as they head into the studio now in spring 2014, with producer Joey Zampella (best known as guitarist for legendary bands Life of Agony, Carnivore, and Stereomud).

The band has enjoyed an ever growing fan base both nationally and internationally, they continue to headline and sell out prominent marquee venues including New York City's Irving Plaza, Gramercy Theater and Bowery Ballroom as well as tremendously successful support gigs at Roseland Ballroom and Best Buy Theater. Their Tristate area success was complimented by successful show at Dunkin Donuts Arena in New Hampshire, Gillette Stadium in Massachusetts and The Viper Room in Los Angeles.

In October 2014, KILLCODE partnered with Rive Video Promotions to release the video for their song, "The Wrong Side" which was filmed all over New York State and was directed by David Swajeski and Produced by Maryanne Grisz.

KILLCODE's future is bright and they are doing a great job of carrying the torch for the new generation. They aren't showing any signs of slowing down and are ready and able to take their rightful place alongside the biggest rock acts out there.

KILLCODE represents the present and the future of the New York underground Hard Rock music scene thanks to their ability of creating music that is both fresh and fun. With recent concerts with TWISTED SISTER, ADRENALINE MOB and THE DIRTY PEARLS, KILLCODE have definitely proven that they are ways more than a glorified local band!

In case you are wondering when the NEW KILLCODE album will be released, the band is planning on releasing their NEW album which will be featured on their upcoming album to be produced by Joey Z (Life of Agony, Zire's War).

But since the KILLCODE boys love their fans (known as the KILLCODE KREW), they decided to premiere a song entitled "Kicking and Screaming" on August 7th 2015. Their next batch of outlaw anthems. 

On Dec 24 2015 the band released their "The Answer" ! The latest song off Their upcoming album being produced by Joey Z (Life Of Agony, Zire's War)! "As always, the NEW KILLCODE album promises to deliver a wide variety of sounds and colors that everyone has grown to love and expect from the band".

On January 16, 2017 the band released a lyric video for their latest single called "Shot".

On March 28, 2017 the band released the official Music Video for Kickin' and Screamin' off our newest full length album, The Answer, produced by Joey Z (Life Of Agony). The video features footage from our 2016 world tour. 

"Kickin' & Screamin' is a real deal, classic, straight ahead Rock&Roll song. It's the type of rock that we grew up on that makes you want to drive a little faster, scream a little louder and party a little harder with your fists in the air" -  Commented the Band

The new album is due to make it's appearance within 2017!!  Check out the songs that have made the cut to be included!! 

2.The Answer 
3. Bleed 
4.Show Me  
5. Kicking And Screaming 
7. Own It -Featuring Chris Wyse-Owl/Ace Frehely/The Cult 
8.Pick Your Side 
9.Put It Off 
10.The Haunting

Formed In: 2008
Status: Active
Years Active: 2008-Present

Tom Morrissey - Lead Vocals 
Chas - Guitar/Vocals 
D.C. Gonzales - Guitar 
Erric Bonesmith - Bass/Vocals 
Rob Noxious - Drums

Genre: Rock/Metal/Southern rock
Country of Origin: United States
Location: New York, NY

Current Label: Unsigned/Independent
Booking/Press Contact: 

Official Website:

Kickin' and Screamin'  (Official Music Video - 2017)

Released: March 28, 2017

Directed by David Swajeski and Produced by Maryanne Grisz.
In 2016, KILLCODE traveled around the world to Spread The :::CODE::: and this video gives you a taste of that experience! Thanks to all of the festivals, promoters and fans who have supported the band! 

"Kickin' and Screamin'" is also available for download purchase at :::KILLCODE:::'s website: and
Advanced limited edition copies of "The Answer" are now available for purchase at