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sábado, 13 de maio de 2017

Gray Souvenirs - Magnificence (Full-Length Album - 2017) - Bandcamp Stream

Founded by Putrefatus and Skymning. Gray Souvenirs was formed when Putrefatus won his first guitar as a birthday present, February 4 2015. In its first incarnation the band with the participation of Skymning (base guitar) that after the release "Ventos da Transcendência" came to leave the project. Putrefatus had in mind to do a friendlier sound pro blackgaze / DSBM, but over time the compositions tended more to the side blackgaze, shogeaze and post-black metal with strong influences of Alcest, Amesoeurs, Les Discrets, Lantlôs, Shyy and ... (dotdotdot).

The lyrics revolve around memories and nostalgia, as Putrefactus himself says "Dreams of an empty life and all that I have not lived." Gray Souvenirs has a nostalgic and atmospheric sound with elements of aspects such as post-rock, shoegaze, indie and even post-black metal.

In short existence the band has shown a lot of work and shows signs that it has a promising future.

Formed In: 2015
Status: Active
Years Active: 2015-Present

Putrefactus: All Instruments, Vocals & Lyrics

Coutry of Origin: Brazil
Location: Vitória da Conquista - ba
Genre: Atmospheric Black Metal/Post-Black Metal/Shoegaze

Current Label: Depressive Illusions
Booking/Press Contact:

Last fm:
Magnificence (Full-Length Album - 2017)

Released April 24, 2017