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sábado, 20 de maio de 2017

Kaledon - Carnagus - Emperor Of The Darkness ( Album - 2017)

After 3 years from the previous release, KALEDON return with the bombastic, epic and majestic album "Carnagus - Emperor Of The Darkness".

With a renewed line-up, enhanced by Michele Guaitoli's (Overtures, ex-Future Is Tomorrow) powerful vocals and Manuele di Ascenzo's (ex-Secret Rule) amazing drums skills, mastermind Alex Mele (guitars) has finally forged a new chapter of the 'Legend Of The Forgotten Reign' saga reaching the perfect mix of modern riffs, classic Power Metal speeds, epic choirs and symphonic arrangements. Together with Paolo Campitelli (keyboards) and the founding members Tommy Nemesio (guitars) and Paolo Lezziroli (bass guitar) KALEDON are back, stronger than ever.

Official release date for "Carnagus - Emperor Of The Darkness" is May 15th, 2017.

World-renowned French graphic artist Jean-Pascal Fournier, who has once again been working for KALEDON after the 2010 work "Legend Of The Forgotten Reign, Chapter VI: The Last Night On The Battlefield", is responsible for the optically worthy presentation of the new album.

KALEDON had been working on the entire chapter of this saga on six albums. Once the saga was written down in 1997. Now all the parts of this long-term tracked overall concept fit together convincingly and extremely exciting on a single album.

Thematically dramatically, 2017 is all about this elaborately narrated, medieval fantasy story. It is about the classic good/evil plot ... and so much more. 

There are two rulers in this conflict, which is deeply marked by malicious, cruel and intriguing jealousy: while the good regent Antillius knows everything around him, which makes a decent kingdom happy, the evil opponent monarch Carnagus envies him all the luck. Everything begins with the fatal birth of Carnagus in November of the gloomy year of 1295 ...


"… a kaleidoscope of Power Metal, epic choirs and symphonic arrangements that will please fans of this genre, absolutely a must-have in your collection." - 95 / 100 (Insane Voices Labirynth)

"… a very good album of Power Metal from the epic and adventurous shades, with plenty of surprises …" - 95 / 100 (Antonio Moliterni)

"… the perfect storm of epic and melodic, symphonic and melodic, Power Metal. It's what KALEDON does best and, if you love the genre, you will not be disappointed with 'Carnagus - Emperor Of The Darkness'."- 4,5 / 5 (Dangerdog)

"Everything turns to perfection and, as you can say, here's a lot of stuff; I believe, KALEDON have made the definitive record of their consecration at international level with "Carnagus, Emperor Of The Darkness", a mature, complete, aggressive work but with great attention to melodies, in short, a gentleman's album! And it will be hard for anyone else to do better in this 2017 ..." - 4,5 / 5 (All Around Metal)

"'Carnagus – Emperor Of The Darkness' is simply a superb slab of Power Metal from start to finish without a single bad or filler cut in between." - 9 / 10 (Apochs)

9 / 10
"KALEDON continues to gain power, with each issue … masters in the art of Symphonic Heavy. If you like the previous records, you will only find your happiness with 'Carnagus…' and if you didn't know the group … risk an ear … maybe you will be conquered ..."
(Soil Chronicles)

9 / 10
"… their tenth full-length really puts the pedal to the Metal … will please fans of both Rhapsody and Mystic Prophecy alike (two opposite ends of the Power Metal spectrum)."
(The Metal Observer)

" … knows in many ways to please … KALEDON are back, with an unimagined strength and punch …" - 9 / 10 (Oliverdsw)

"Power Metal away from the hustle and bustle, and also with a strong vocal performance for which new entrant Michele Guaitoli is responsible. His vocal facet richness could already be marveled at the band Overtures and its album "Artifacts" ... and also on "Carnagus - Emperor Of The Darkness" this vocalist makes an outstanding figure at the microphone. Power Metal's typical sounds elicit from his throat as well as warm and melodic vocal lines!" - 4 / 5 (DeepGround)

"… a sure key that will open the band's doors directly to the international success, pursued for many years but finally there to be grabbed. Compliments!" - 85 / 100 (Loud And Proud)

"… great Power Metal, proud, epic, melodic and roaring … a handful of really intense and devastating songs … high-level songwriting …" - 8,5 / 10 (In Your Eyes)

"… this is by far one of KALEDON's best albums to date … Epic Melodic Power Metal at its best with powerful tunes that will please every fan of this genre … this band deserves more popularity among the fans of the pure Epic Power Metal." - 8,4 / 10 (Heavy Paradise)

"… debuts the vocalist Michele Guaitoli (also with Overtures), to me an improvement … the music is the expected efficient epic symphonic Power Meta,l well led by Alex Mele, with some darker elements (according to the main character) …" - 8 / 10 (Sounds From Apocalypse)

"It is strange that after all these years and so many albums, they are still hardly noticed. That should change now!" - 8 / 10 (Crossfire Metal)

"The vocals are nicely bombastic, dramatic and melodic but also compliment the dark tone of the album. KALEDON have produced one of the finest Power Metal albums I have heard so far this year and are definitely a band I will be going back and checking out the back catalogue of." - 8 / 10 (Musipedia Of Metal)

"… virtuosic mix of Power and Heavy Metal… " - 8 / 10 (Der Hörspiegel)

"… their best work." - 77 / 100 (Ragherrie)

"… a well-designed Power Metal record, powerful and, of course, adventurous and delicious …" - 7,6 / 10 (El Portal Del Metal)

"… composed by highly trained musicians … with perfect professionalism …" - 7,5 / 10 (Rozsdagyar)

"… the good Michele … gives a performance perfectly suited to the structures of a disc that gives KALEDON a new dimension." - 7,5 / 10 (

"… with the new album KALEDON bring their best ever on the market … a strong performance …" - 7,5 / 10 (Rock Garage)

"extremely passable guitar melodies, which still emphasize the playful keyboard paintings."- 7 / 10
(Metal Forever)

"Michele Guaitoli is a welcome addition to the band and does a good job … KALEDEON are heavy enough for meatheads and poser killing Baloff proteges, 'Carnagus…' has something for everyone." - 3 / 5 (Angry Metal Guy)

"'Carnagus - Emperor Of The Darkness' is the most recent chapter of a saga that wishes to be continued in the future, elevating even more the quality value of the opus." - (Metal Em Portugal)

"It does not get any better! Very riff-oriented ... to give a song-tip is anything but simple and I avoid it anyway, since all ten pieces are absolute genius." - (BlattTurbo)

"… a well-arranged and smooth Power Metal album that certainly knows no lows, but also no real outliers." - (

"The 2017 incarnation of KALEDON is a focused, well-oiled machine that pumps out great songs with catchy depth. As Power Metal goes this is easily the best thing I’ve heard this year so far." - (Wonderbox Metal)

"The album is very facet and varied ... partly one can call the sound colors of Michele Guaitoli warm. Fast riffs alternate with melodic singing inserts and you can feel the heart blood that is in the songs. "Carnagus - Emperor Of The Darkness" - an album that should not only inspire fans, but also a treat for some newcomers." -  (Bad Black Unicorn)

"… KALDEON understand their craft …" - (Kalle Rock)

"KALEDON's catch is that they are not so close to Power Metal rules … 'Carnagus (Emperor Of The Darkness)' tracks are a myriad of Metal styles." - (Metal Addicts)

"'Carnagus: Emperor Of The Darkness' has become a class-disk in which every fan of the Power Metal genre should be in love." - (Snooze Control)

"… buy recommendation …" - (Heavy Metal

Carnagus - Emperor of the Darkness', already available digitally and physically ready on May 26th! Pre-sales are going great (and they'll keep on being discounted until MAY 26th), reviews are going great and, without hiding behind a transparent glass: the already online songs on youtube are receiving a great response!

Formed In: 1998
Status: Active
Years Active: 1998-Present

Michele Guaitoli - Voice
Alex Mele - Guitars
Tommy Nemesio - Guitars
Paolo Campitelli - Keyboards
Paolo Lezziroli - Bass
Manuele Di Ascenzo - Drums

Country of Origin: Italy
Location: Rome, Lazio
Genre: Power Metal

Current Label: Sleaszy Rider Records
Booking/Press Contact:


Carnagus - Emperor Of The Darkness ( Album - 2017)

Release Date: May 15th, 2017 via Sleaszy Rider Records.

 Sound engineering by Simone Mularoni (
Illustrations by Jean Pascal Fournier
Produced by KALEDON

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