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sábado, 7 de abril de 2018

Orbit Culture - Redfog (EP - 2018) - Bandcamp Stream

In the deep forests of southern Sweden lies the small town of Eksjö where the band Orbit Culture originates from. The idea of the band grew strong within singer & rhythm guitarist Niklas and lead guitarist Maximilian after messing around with some unpolished demos at home. At that time, Maximilian was currently playing with another local band called Abstract Noise, together with Orbit Culture’s fellow drummer Markus Bladh. Maximilian recruited Markus to join his new band, followed by the arrival of Christoffer Olsson on bass guitar. The line-up was now complete.

Shortly after Orbit Culture's inception, the band started to work on their debut EP. The production ended on August 17th, 2013 and Orbit Culture's very first piece of music was released shortly after. All the songs were recorded in what used to be an old power plant in the bands hometown. The EP was mixed and mastered by Niklas himself. Later that year, the band re-released their debut EP, re-mastered with a new bone-crushing artwork.

After some positive feedback and reviews both nationally and internationally the band quickly started working on their first full-length album. Through an intense process of songwriting, recording, mixing and mastering the band finally finished and released their first full-length album called “In Medias Res” on the 23rd of July, 2014. The album concept builds on a war between the race of men and machines. The album is fully packed with epicness and shall leave no one unsatisfied. The concept of the album builds on a war between the race of men and the ancient machines from a world beyond ours.

After a handful of shows promoting the new album and getting their name out there, lead guitarist Maximilian decided to leave the band to pursue other interests. 

The band has already released an EP and 2 albums! Today, Qpril 6th 2018 they’re released another EP by the name of “Redfog”! If that doesn’t count as prolific, I’m honestly not sure what does, this band stays true to their roots while simultaneously stretching their sound into new areas. In doing so, they habitually combine elements of Melodic Death Metal, Groove Metal, Thrash, and straight up Death Metal. Better yet, they execute just about everything they do with a sheen of brilliance.

Formed In: 2013
Status: Active
Years Active: 2013-Present

Niklas Karlsson - Vocals, Guitar
Christoffer Olsson - Bass
Markus Bladh - Drums

Country of Origin: Sweden
Location: Eksjö
Genre: Melodic Death/Groove Metal

Current Label: Unsigned/Independent
Press Contact:

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Redfog (EP - 2018)
Released April 6, 2018 

Written by: Niklas Karlsson 
Mixed & Mastered by: Niklas Karlsson 
Performed by: Niklas Karlsson, Richard Hansson, Fredrik Lennartsson, Markus Bladh 
Artwork by: Bahrull Marta (

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