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domingo, 8 de abril de 2018

Agathos - Nihil (Single - 2018) - Bandcamp Stream

Agathos is a Black Metal act born in Valencia in 2017, founded by members of [In Mute], Noctem, Pestkraft and Aethyr. On March 16 2018 the band released the first single of the upcoming EP called "Nihil Est".  To be released on May 18th, 2018.

Formed In: 2017
Status: Active
Years Active: 2017-Present

Siles: Lead Guitar / Vocals
Bëor: Rhythm Guitar
Ed Hellsaw: Bass
Voor: Drums

Genre: Black Metal
Location: Valencia, Spain

Current Label: Independent/Unsigned

Nihil (Single - 2018)
Released March 16, 2018

Suotana Announces New Album + New Single Released

SUOTANA is a Finnish Melodic Death Metal band that was formed in 2005. It started as a Ville Rautio's solo project which developed during 2012-2013 to a six-man-band.

Suotana released their first demo called ''Forgotten Soil Of This Land'' in February of 2014. Consisting of just two songs with a total play-time of just under 10 minutes, "Forgotten Soil of this Land" is a powerful and compelling demo. The title track of the release "Forgotten Soil of This Land" replicates a soundscape of the frozen scenes of the Finnish Arctic circle draped in the light of the Northern Lights perfectly in a frenzied and frigid song that sears across your senses. "The Reasons" starts out with a more melancholic sound and a more sombre pace, strongly bringing to mind bands such as CATAMENIA circa their "Location Cold" album, and perhaps at a stretch even elements from bands such as WINTERSUN and CHILDREN OF BODOM shine through.

 Incorporating Symphonic and Black Metal elements into their music. Starting out nine years ago as a bit of jamming between the two guitarist, a lineup was finally put together in 2012, resulting in the first serious efforts towards crafting a release, and one can but hope that SUOTANA have now found some measure of stability.

 The band was working on their first full-lenght album which was released November 13th of 2015 a self-financed full-length debut "Frostrealm".

Millennium Finnish metal to yield abundant power metal influences. Very Extreme spending at no point never attempts, and the exemplars is easy to spot from the shaft Catamenia, Kalmah,COB,Norther,etc resembling mainly from time to time higher rääkynäksi are rising Orina songs, and here and there scattered blast beats. Role models for boys in Rovaniemi have embraced the homogeneity In addition, unfortunately, also equal thickness. While initially it would have been excited to belong to the music of a bygone era a touch, please visit our plate assembly in the long run a little numbness. Sometimes a melody or riff gets prick up your ears, but then again, merely the basic will to carry out without a genuine sense of danger. 

As such, "Frostrealmia" can be recommended by absolutely positive factor, however, be read in the Suotana sounds like the name of your band and not from the project and production have been left just the right amount of rosso to highlight the very groovy playing. Nor should we doubt that the Swamps Winnie the listeners to be found especially in the central European sides. Ice still miss the more severe, stabbing winters cold winds, deeper unity in melancholy and madness north. Carried out in an appropriate sense of style progressivity and the daring adventures of otelaudoilla would not be covered by bogs Winnie future harm.

Now with few line-up changes the band is dragging boat through wintry forests of north. SUOTANA have named their 2nd studio album “Land Of The Ending Time”, which will be released on May 25th, 2018 via Reaper Entertainment Europe. The band has also unveiled the album artwork. It was created by Simo Räsänen.

The band states:
“We’re so happy and relieved to finally be able to announce the release of this album. ‘Land of the Ending Time’ represents our band’s current path and the hard work of the past two years. The artwork perfectly reflects the album’s themes and musical atmosphere where the journey through wintry forests shall begin!”

 Released March 29th 2018

Pre-order »Land Of The Ending Time« digitally and receive “Troutrace” instantly or stream the song:

Land of the Ending Time tracklist:
1. Alku
2. Troutrace
3. Sorrowl
4. Into the Ice
5. Thousands of Forests
6. Autumn Awaits
7. Wolfchasers
8. Mission Suicide
9. Land of the Ending Time

Formed in: 2005
Status: Active
Years active: 2005-Present

Tuomo Marttinen - Vocals
Ville Rautio - Guitars
Pasi Portaankorva - Guitars
Tommi Neitola - Keyboards
Harri Portimo - Bass
Rauli Juopperi - Drums

Country of origin: Finland
Location: Rovaniemi, Lapland County
Genre: Melodic Black/Death Metal

Current label: Reaper Entertainment Europe
Booking/Press Contact:

Last FM:

sábado, 7 de abril de 2018

Orbit Culture - Redfog (EP - 2018) - Bandcamp Stream

In the deep forests of southern Sweden lies the small town of Eksjö where the band Orbit Culture originates from. The idea of the band grew strong within singer & rhythm guitarist Niklas and lead guitarist Maximilian after messing around with some unpolished demos at home. At that time, Maximilian was currently playing with another local band called Abstract Noise, together with Orbit Culture’s fellow drummer Markus Bladh. Maximilian recruited Markus to join his new band, followed by the arrival of Christoffer Olsson on bass guitar. The line-up was now complete.

Shortly after Orbit Culture's inception, the band started to work on their debut EP. The production ended on August 17th, 2013 and Orbit Culture's very first piece of music was released shortly after. All the songs were recorded in what used to be an old power plant in the bands hometown. The EP was mixed and mastered by Niklas himself. Later that year, the band re-released their debut EP, re-mastered with a new bone-crushing artwork.

After some positive feedback and reviews both nationally and internationally the band quickly started working on their first full-length album. Through an intense process of songwriting, recording, mixing and mastering the band finally finished and released their first full-length album called “In Medias Res” on the 23rd of July, 2014. The album concept builds on a war between the race of men and machines. The album is fully packed with epicness and shall leave no one unsatisfied. The concept of the album builds on a war between the race of men and the ancient machines from a world beyond ours.

After a handful of shows promoting the new album and getting their name out there, lead guitarist Maximilian decided to leave the band to pursue other interests. 

The band has already released an EP and 2 albums! Today, Qpril 6th 2018 they’re released another EP by the name of “Redfog”! If that doesn’t count as prolific, I’m honestly not sure what does, this band stays true to their roots while simultaneously stretching their sound into new areas. In doing so, they habitually combine elements of Melodic Death Metal, Groove Metal, Thrash, and straight up Death Metal. Better yet, they execute just about everything they do with a sheen of brilliance.

Formed In: 2013
Status: Active
Years Active: 2013-Present

Niklas Karlsson - Vocals, Guitar
Christoffer Olsson - Bass
Markus Bladh - Drums

Country of Origin: Sweden
Location: Eksjö
Genre: Melodic Death/Groove Metal

Current Label: Unsigned/Independent
Press Contact:

Bit Torrent Bundles:

Redfog (EP - 2018)
Released April 6, 2018 

Written by: Niklas Karlsson 
Mixed & Mastered by: Niklas Karlsson 
Performed by: Niklas Karlsson, Richard Hansson, Fredrik Lennartsson, Markus Bladh 
Artwork by: Bahrull Marta (

quinta-feira, 1 de março de 2018

Nordjärvi - Lakewind Whispers (EP - 2017) - Deezer Stream

Foto de Nordjärvi.

The idea began from a childhood lake where days throughout the year were spent in joy and bliss. These days suddenly came to an end and fueled the birth of Nordjärvi. Though sometimes we don't have the option to go back home to the way things were, we have the obligation to carry these places, experiences, and memories within us for eternity.

Nordjärvi has released their debut  song titled "Crepuscule of Fall" (featuring Chris Amott), which is the first track taken off the band's debut EP "Lakewind Whispers." 

The whole EP was out worldwide on July 7th, 2017 and was mixed and mastered by Thomas "Plec" Johansson at The Panic Room. Guitars meanwhile were recorded at Gothenburg Rock Studios with Daniel Antonsson and art comes courtesy of Travis Smith. The album also count with the collaboration of  Daniel Antonsson  on track "Wall Clouds".

The band contains former members of Nightrage and Circus Maximus, and the song features guitar work by Chris Amott, formerly of Arch Enemy and Ghost Ship Octavius. 

Nordjärvi is:
Antony Hämäläinen (ex-Nightrage, Armageddon) - Vocals
Nick Schaeppi - Guitars
Rolf Pilve (Stratovarius, Solution .45) - Drums
Nick Ziros (Into the Moat) - Bass
Espen Storø (ex-Circus Maximus) - Keyboards

Official Website:

Lakewind Whispers (EP - 2017)
Released: July 7th, 2017

Music written by Nordjärvi.
Mixed and Mastered by Thomas "Plec" Johansson at The Panic Room.
Guitars recorded at Gothenburg Rock Studios with Daniel Antonsson.

Recode The Subliminal - Disconnected (Full-Length Album - 2018) - Bandcamp Stream

Recode The Subliminal was formed in 2013 after the disbandment of their former group, xXXx, which still consisted of Jaro, Devel, Eduard, and Yen. After the transformation to Recode, they began searching for a new vocalist to complete the lineup, while also writing songs and preparing their debut album. After a couple of unsuccessful attempts, they finally found a new singer; Ryan Strain, from the United States. From there, Recode transformed again into more of an online band, focused on creating music, rather than playing live shows. The band quickly took on new life and found a new energy. On March 30th of 2016, after over 2 years of hard work, and 1 year of working with Ryan, Recode The Subliminal released their debut metal album "The Cost of Every Man". 

The debut album by Central European band Recode The Subliminal, "The Cost of Every Man", details various events, social issues, and disasters leading to the end of civilization, and ultimately, the end of the world. From the start, you'll be bombarded by heavy sounds and dark melodies, only to be swept away by some lighter, more hopeful tunes. As you near the end, the sound shifts to something more grand and orchestral as we slowly come to the realization that all may truly be lost. With lead guitars and ripping solos provided by our producer, Jaroslav Lukáč, rhythm guitars and orchestration composed by Devel Sullivan, huge drum sounds made possible by Eduard Štěpánek, crushing bass contributed by Yen Štěpánek, and the massive, dynamic vocals and lyrics of Ryan Strain.

The album musically, it’s solid. However, it may be the concept that really drives this one home. It’s a record surrounding current events – for better or worse. Usually the later. It chronicles the modern decline of modern mankind through 12 solid tracks spanning nearly an hour long listening experience. Recode The Subliminal's "The Cost of Every Man" is truly a must-listen for all extreme music lovers.

Riding the tails of the success of their debut album, the band released their next project. "Disconnected"  is a story inspired by Deus Ex. In a time of technological enlightenment, augmentations are the new high standard in medical advancement. Whether they're for repair or replacement, or even just enhancement, people all over the world are fulfilling their dreams and overcoming obstacles like never before. The possibilities are endless...

Formed In:  July 1st 2012
Status: Active
Years Active: 2012-Present

Jaroslav Lukac: Guitars, Mixing, Mastering 
Devel Sullivan: Guitars, Samples, Orchestration 
Ryan Strain: Vocals, Lyrics 

Location: Prague, Czech republic
Genre: Modern Melodic Metal/Progresive Metal

Record Label: Negative Tunes
Booking/Press Contact:

Last fm:

Disconnected (Full-Length Album - 2018)
Released March 1, 2018 

Guest Artists 

Katie Thompson  guest vocals on "In A Different Light": 

All art associated with this album and the various singles and videos was created by Tullius Heuer: 

Stream and Order the album at: 

quarta-feira, 28 de fevereiro de 2018

Order to Ruin - Return to Ceyrior VII (Full-Length Album - 2018) - Bandcamp Stream

A band that has been quite consistent in their melodic death songwriting, Order to Ruin have managed to put out a new release every year since 2012. With Return to Ceyrior VII being well, their seventh full-length, one would think that they would start having some slowdown but Order to Ruin maintain their previous high bar. The Gothenburg by way of Germany vibe is still strong, and sure to please fans.

Album number seven of these restless warriors comes up with some significant changes. First thing is the drumming, which was recorded by a professional session drummer this time (Patrick Stradiotto), who did a fantastic job by bringing some fresh energy into the band. This fresh energy gets manifested in a refreshed songwriting and 'The Stormlake’s Tale‘, 'Alone With My Knife‘ and the title track 'Return To Ceyrior VII‘ are the best tracks the band has released so far. And with 'Dating Lucifer‘ the guys really wrote a smash hit which easily could have fitted on albums like "Whoracle“ or "The Mind‘s Eye“. Who expects a change of style into a modern direction will be disappointed as Denis, Simon and Mike really keep it old school. But this album sounds like a refreshed version of them as their songwriting is tighter, the production and mix turned out really killer and the overall guitar work enriched by several solos (greetings also to session member Waik) is really great. 

The album has a killer artwork made by Timon Kokott Art-Work.

Formed In: 2011
Status: Active
Years Active: 2011-Present

Denis Pfeffer - Guitars, Drum programming, Lyrics 
Mike Seidel - Bassguitar, Vocals, Drum programming 
Simon Buse - Guitars 

Country of Origin: Germany
Location: Münster, North Rhine-Westphalia
Genre: Melodic Death Metal

Current Label: Unsigned/Independent
Booking/ Press Contact:


Return to Ceyrior VII (Full-Length Album - 2018)
Released February 10, 2018 

Special Guests: 
Waik Schöner - Lead, Acoustic Guitars 

Patrick Stradiotto - Drums 

Nick Luzzi - Acoustic Part on ''The Conjurer'' 

Mixed and mastered by Mike Seidel: 

Artwork by Timon Kokott: 

Logo design by Dekan Art 

All songs & lyrics are written by Order to Ruin

Stream and Order the album: 

terça-feira, 27 de fevereiro de 2018

Harakiri For The Sky - Arson ( Full-Length Album - 2018) - Bandcamp Stream

After 2016 they snatched the post black metal scene with the album "III: Trauma", the Austrians Harakiri For The Sky return to the albums with "Arson" that will be released on February 16, 2018 by AOP Records.

Mystical, icily and emotional: In the focus of the music of HARAKIRI FOR THE SKY stands the dreamy, the picturesque aspect, the melancholy joy of Black Metal and the tension of Post-Rock. 

Founded in 2011 in Vienna, Austria, the aim of Harakiri For The sky has always been to create a unique mixture of melancholy and aggression, madness and meaning, and wrapped in alternately manic/mellow songs that bridged black metal and atmospheric post-rock. The band was initially begun as a studio project by erstwhile Bifröst member M. S. joined by vocalist/lyricist J. J., and has recently been expanded to a live lineup. 

With that lineup secured, Harakiri for the Sky then embarked upon successful European tours with the likes of A Forest Of Stars, Ellende, Fäulnis, Der Weg Einer Freiheit, and Agrypnie among others, encompassing over 20 countries to date. 

2016 was a really successful year for Harakiri For The Sky. Their 3rd album “ III - Trauma” got great acclaim from critics and audiences and a nominee for the “Amadeus Austrian Music Award”! 

The recording process of the 4th album “Arson” is finished now! 

It is the first time with a studio drummer on a record and no one more could fit better into the line-up then Kerim “Krimh” Lechner who handle the drums behind Septicflesh and played live with Behemoth. 

The new album was recorded, mixed and mastered by Daniel Fellner.

Formed In: 2011
Status: Active
Years Active: 2011-Present

M. S. - All Instruments, Songwriting
J. J. - Vocals, Lyrics

Live Musicians
Thomas Dornig - Bass 
Mischa - Drums
Marrok - Rhythm Guitars And Backing Vocals 

Country of Origin: Austria
Location: Vienna/Salzburg
Genre: Black Metal/Post-Rock

Current Label: Art of Propaganda
Press Contact:

Last fm:

Arson ( Full-Length Album - 2018)
Released February 16, 2018 

All music and arrangements by M.S. 
All lyrics by J.J. 
Session drums by Kerim „Krimh“ Lechner 
Classical guitar on „Heroin Waltz“ by Bernth Brodträger 
Recorded by M.S. and Daniel Fellner 
Mixed and mastered by Daniel Fellner 
Produced by M.S. 
Drums recorded at „Sweat Records“ by Matthias Ambros and Chris Grabner 
Artwork by Striga 
Limited Boxset Artwork by Metastazis 
Bandphoto by Krist Mort 
Layout by Seance Design 
„Manifesto“ cover by Graveyard Lovers 
Guest vocals on „Manifesto“ by Silvi Bogojevic 
Choir vocals on „Manifesto“ by Leesa

Stream and order: