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domingo, 8 de abril de 2018

Suotana Announces New Album + New Single Released

SUOTANA is a Finnish Melodic Death Metal band that was formed in 2005. It started as a Ville Rautio's solo project which developed during 2012-2013 to a six-man-band.

Suotana released their first demo called ''Forgotten Soil Of This Land'' in February of 2014. Consisting of just two songs with a total play-time of just under 10 minutes, "Forgotten Soil of this Land" is a powerful and compelling demo. The title track of the release "Forgotten Soil of This Land" replicates a soundscape of the frozen scenes of the Finnish Arctic circle draped in the light of the Northern Lights perfectly in a frenzied and frigid song that sears across your senses. "The Reasons" starts out with a more melancholic sound and a more sombre pace, strongly bringing to mind bands such as CATAMENIA circa their "Location Cold" album, and perhaps at a stretch even elements from bands such as WINTERSUN and CHILDREN OF BODOM shine through.

 Incorporating Symphonic and Black Metal elements into their music. Starting out nine years ago as a bit of jamming between the two guitarist, a lineup was finally put together in 2012, resulting in the first serious efforts towards crafting a release, and one can but hope that SUOTANA have now found some measure of stability.

 The band was working on their first full-lenght album which was released November 13th of 2015 a self-financed full-length debut "Frostrealm".

Millennium Finnish metal to yield abundant power metal influences. Very Extreme spending at no point never attempts, and the exemplars is easy to spot from the shaft Catamenia, Kalmah,COB,Norther,etc resembling mainly from time to time higher rääkynäksi are rising Orina songs, and here and there scattered blast beats. Role models for boys in Rovaniemi have embraced the homogeneity In addition, unfortunately, also equal thickness. While initially it would have been excited to belong to the music of a bygone era a touch, please visit our plate assembly in the long run a little numbness. Sometimes a melody or riff gets prick up your ears, but then again, merely the basic will to carry out without a genuine sense of danger. 

As such, "Frostrealmia" can be recommended by absolutely positive factor, however, be read in the Suotana sounds like the name of your band and not from the project and production have been left just the right amount of rosso to highlight the very groovy playing. Nor should we doubt that the Swamps Winnie the listeners to be found especially in the central European sides. Ice still miss the more severe, stabbing winters cold winds, deeper unity in melancholy and madness north. Carried out in an appropriate sense of style progressivity and the daring adventures of otelaudoilla would not be covered by bogs Winnie future harm.

Now with few line-up changes the band is dragging boat through wintry forests of north. SUOTANA have named their 2nd studio album “Land Of The Ending Time”, which will be released on May 25th, 2018 via Reaper Entertainment Europe. The band has also unveiled the album artwork. It was created by Simo Räsänen.

The band states:
“We’re so happy and relieved to finally be able to announce the release of this album. ‘Land of the Ending Time’ represents our band’s current path and the hard work of the past two years. The artwork perfectly reflects the album’s themes and musical atmosphere where the journey through wintry forests shall begin!”

 Released March 29th 2018

Pre-order »Land Of The Ending Time« digitally and receive “Troutrace” instantly or stream the song:

Land of the Ending Time tracklist:
1. Alku
2. Troutrace
3. Sorrowl
4. Into the Ice
5. Thousands of Forests
6. Autumn Awaits
7. Wolfchasers
8. Mission Suicide
9. Land of the Ending Time

Formed in: 2005
Status: Active
Years active: 2005-Present

Tuomo Marttinen - Vocals
Ville Rautio - Guitars
Pasi Portaankorva - Guitars
Tommi Neitola - Keyboards
Harri Portimo - Bass
Rauli Juopperi - Drums

Country of origin: Finland
Location: Rovaniemi, Lapland County
Genre: Melodic Black/Death Metal

Current label: Reaper Entertainment Europe
Booking/Press Contact:

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