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segunda-feira, 7 de dezembro de 2015

Wargasm - (1988 - 2015) [ Full Discography] - Bandcamp Stream

WARGASM formed in 1982 under the name OVERKILL. OVERKILL was a four piece band featuring Rich Spillberg on guitar, Barry Spillberg on drums, Peter Schiffer on bass and Bob Mayo on guitar. In 1985, OVERKILL changed their name to MANIAC, and Bob switched from guitar to bass, making them a 3-piece band. In 1985, MANIAC released a 5-song demo, called “Rainbows, Kittens, Flowers and Puppies”. MANIAC played several shows throughout New England, opening for many national heavy metal bands. 

In 1986, Wargasm band were offered an E.P. deal with Combat Records, who strongly suggested they change their name. The band became WARGASM, and decided to pass on Combat's offer. The band was also offered a slot on Metal Blade's "Metal Massacre" series, which the band also passed on; the band wanted to save its best material for a full album. Soon after, they recorded another demo called, “Satan Stole My Lunch Money”. This demo landed them their first record deal. The band recorded their debut album, “Why Play Around” on PROFILE records in 1987. Due to personnel changes within their labels management, the album was not released until 1988, and never got the promotion it deserved. The album, however, with no label support, hit Number 4 on the CMJ Charts, just under METALLICA, ANTHRAX and OZZY. The record was well-reviewed all over the world, and has since become a thrash metal classic.

In 1989, Wargasm began their attempt to leave Profile Records. They embarked on a mini-tour with New York's CRO-MAGS and continued to headline in their adopted hometown of Boston. 

The band also recorded another demo in 1989, titled “Your Dogs Teeth”. This demo was not released to the public, and was intended for record companies only; however it managed to wind up in the underground tape trading network, and landed in the Top Ten on METAL FORCES demo charts. 

1991 saw Wargasm band crossing over to Europe on a short tour with BIOHAZARD, where they distributed another demo, called “Gasm It”. The band again, went to Europe once again, on what was primarily a Death Metal tour. 

In 1992, another demo was recorded, called “Spirit In Decay”. This demo was passed around at the FOUNDATIONS FORUM in California, where WARGASM also had a record company showcase gig. 

In 1992 the band was finally free to sign with MASSACRE Records, and by 1993 released it's second album called “Ugly”. This album featured songs from the previous 3 demos and a few new ones. There was a short tour with thrashers NUCLEAR ASSAULT and also a stop at the MILWAUKEE METAL FEST, which was headlined by SLAYER and BIOHAZARD. 1993 saw the band again going overseas once again, this time opening for Germany's TANKARD.

The band released an EP called “Fireball” in 1993, based around their cover of the DEEP PURPLE classic. Also featured was an edited version of the song “Dreadnaught Day” from the "Ugly" album. This version was an edit taken from a promotional video the band shot for the song in NYC. The EP was rounded out by songs recorded live-in-the-studio on a local Boston college radio show. 

In 1994 the band was began writing and recording their third album, “Suicide Notes,” which was originally to be called, “What Are You Afraid Of”? Due to label problems, the band decided to make this their last album and announced their intention to break up after fulfilling all of their live commitments.

WARGASM were released from their contract with “MASSACRE” Records and “Suicide Notes” was finally released by TRANSMISSION Records.some months after the band had broken up. The Japanese version of “Suicide Notes” contained 2 Christmas songs recorded for Boston's WBCN, and songs from their very first demo from 1985, recorded as Maniac. In 2000, TRANSMISSION Records released a MCD containing the Christmas songs, and 2 songs from “Suicide Notes”.

In 2004, Wargasm reunited for a benefit for the Rawkstars organization, which was recorded for DVD release. The band played songs from all 3 of their albums, 9 years after their final show. 

In 2008 the band reunited once again to celebrate the 20 year anniversary of their album "Why Play Around?" and to release the long awaited DVD "Knee Deep in the Middle East: Live in Boston" with 2 shows: one in Cambridge MA at the Middle East club and one in Providence RI at Club Hell. The band played WPA? in its entirety and in order, along with other material. 

The band released 3 albums, one E.P., one concert DVD, and toured Europe several times.
Wargasm are considered a Thrash Metal band, and their debut album, 'Why Play Around?' is viewed as a classic of the genre.

Formed in: 1986
Status: Split-up
Years active: 1982-1985 (as Overkill), 1985-198 (as Maniac), 1986-1995,2000,2008

Rich Spillberg - Guitar & Vocals, 
Barry Spillberg - Drums & Vocals, 
Bob Mayo - Bass & Lead Vocals

Country of origin: United States
Location: Boston, Massachusetts

Genre: Thrash Metal
Last Label: Unsigned/Independent



Rawgasm: Live in Boston (Live Album -2015)

Satan Stole My Lunch Money (Deluxe Expanded Edition)(Compilation - 2013)

Ugly (Full-Length Album - 1993)

Why Play Around? (Full-Length Album - 1988)