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quarta-feira, 31 de agosto de 2016

Humanity's Last Breath Detestor (EP - 2016) - Bandcamp Stream

Humanity's Last Breath is a progressive deathcore/djent/deathmetal band from Helsingborg, Sweden. Formed 2009 when drummer Buster Odeholm and former guitarist Kristoffer Nilsson decided to write some heavy material. Under the label Rogue Records America the band recorded Reanimated By Hate - EP, Structures Collapse, Humanity's Last Breath. Then Buster Odeholm decided to go independent, and formed Impact Studios, where he recorded HLB's crushing 2016 album Detestor. HLB's albums are sold at their official site
As of 2014 the band solely consists of drummer Buster Odeholm, which also drums for the band Vildhjarta. The HLB lineup will change in 2016, where Buster will be guitarist instead of drummer. Full 2016 lineup is not known as of yet.

Past members include vocalist Marcus Hultqvist, guitarist Kristoffer Nilsson, bassist Stefan Bengtsson, and Marcus Johansson that left the band due to lack of means for dedication.

 Humanity's Last Breath popped up on my radar a few years ago and I never had a chance. This Swedish five-piece take it to a new level on each release.  They carry on Djent traditions with tones that have the warmth and definition of melted butter and their timing dances around like firecrackers. Their grooves are so delicious they could sync up with any Beyonce music video and there would be no questions. Their newest release comes at you with an alacrity that even the sunniest disposition has no chance against; Detestor, a five track beat-down that wants you to believe that existential madness in suffering is the only reality that we could ever be graced to experience.

Being true to their composition style, the single songs have very scattered structures, but they all fall down and cascade into a single cohesive story. This really creates a rhythm throughout the entire album and it puts great emphasis on the monumental breakdowns that they construct.  Production is also very open on this EP. It sounds like they moved their mics back a few inches as "spaced-out" guitars and vocals and extra reverb give this album a wonderful, ambient, multi-layered soundscape effect. It's a creative turn from their past albums that focused mainly on the machinery of the band. They also play with different samplings, textures, and vocal tracks that they creatively weaved into the album to really give the album an essence of some eternal vast darkness. The title track Detestor surprises towards the end with a juicy breakdown graced by a haunting female vocal sample. With these well placed subtleties, this album impressively works to evoke complex emotions dealing with a sense of place and spirituality. There's a spiteful pathos in this album (as there is in many Djent and Hard/Death-Core bands) that wants to remind you how hopeless your life could ever be. I hope these boys are alright!

The moment that defines the album for me is the track Beware. It opens up with one of the most aggressive grooves ever laid down, then continues it's pummeling cascade of riffage and ominous melodies until you fall still,  looking up at the crest of a towering tsunami. Backing doom ambiance in full effect, you're crushed by a drop-tune breakdown that only a god that doesn't exist would allow you to experience. Death by EMG.

They also graciously include the instrumental tracks to their releases so you can go to groove city without anyone else. This young and highly creative outfit has unleashed another solid round of devastation. So, if you're looking to keep it light, check it out! -

Formed In: 2009
Status: Active 
Years Active: 2009-Present

Buster Odeholm - Drums, Guitar, Bass, Production

Location: Helsingborg, Sweden
Genre: Progressive Deathcore/Djent/Death Metal

Current Label: 
CEO: John Giulio Sprich / The Euroblast Collective /
Agent: Liam John Byrne / Artery Global /

Detestor (EP - 2016)

Released April 5, 2016 

Written, produced, mixed and mastered by Buster Odeholm at Impact Studios 
Cover Artwork by: Igor Omodei 
Drum programming co-produced by Chris George 
Vocals by Filip Danielsson (In Reverence)
Additional Vocals on the track Detestor by Jessica Curry taken from the original track "Mors Praematura"

Pre-Order At:

Kardashev - Peripety (Full-Length Album - 2015) - Bandcamp Stream

Kardashev may sound Russian but is actually a North American band from Tempe, AZ. Their lastest record entitled Peripety was released on October 30th, 2015 via Subliminal Groove Records.

Kardashev is a Progressive Death Metal group focusing on the advancement of the human race through themes of technology, selflessness, love, and altruism.

A culmination of efforts across two years has brought Kardashev to this point. They've done away with complexity and flashiness to take root in the beautiful and minimal. A turning of events... a Peripety.

The music of Kardashev consists of Black Metal elements, same as Death Metal and Core-ish influences. Some symphonic touches can also be found. 

At times coming off like the bastard child of Fallujah and Aegaeon, Kardashev is all about atmosphere. That gorgeous clean guitar sound is a key factor here, as is the sleek and futuristic sounding production which gives the album a dreamy and floaty vibe. But the space-y atmosphere gives way to moments of thundering heaviness as well, enhanced by some ultra-low gutturals. The back and forth nature between the primal aggression and sweeping atmosphere is very eloquently done – really taking the listener on a journey over the course of the album. It’s a delicate balance to keep these two pieces in the proper flow, and Kardashev has no qualms about maintaining this. Some highlights include the ripper that is “Sopor,” the more melodic death-inclined “Conscium,” and the dreamy landscapes of “Aurora.” But this is an album that should be soaked in, taking it from start to finish to really give it the attention it deserves.

Ignoring whatever genre tag you want to slap Kardashev with, know that Perpety is an album well worth seeking out. The use of atmosphere in extreme metal is something that has really been building momentum (Wrvth, Rivers of Nihil, the bands mentioned above), and Kardashev are just as intoxicating in their clever mix. Shouldn’t be too long before you are seeing this band’s stock increase. -

Media Reviews 

"The spacey, washed out cleans, the synths and crunchy rhythms, and the bombastic blast beats mix into a furious combination absolutely drenched with atmosphere." - Heavy Blog is Heavy

"They instantly remind one of Fallujah with their mix of brutality and shredding...If you are into dark and Progressive Death Metal with a lot of nice elements in it, you should try them out." - It Djents

"The closest comparison or evident influence to the band’s sound would actually be to Cynic and/or The Contortionist, and while that influences certainly do not show in the band’s necessary breakdowns and tech riffs, it is clear in the melodic moments." - 

"When it comes to progressive or ambient death metal, I admit—I’m often skeptical of hour-or-more albums that are either monotonous and dull or dense and overstuffed with content. Kardashev put those fears of mine to bed before “Sopor” was finished." - 

"Going by this record alone, Kardashev can seriously give the likes of Fallujah a run for their money. As debut albums go, Peripety is probably one of the best I’ve heard in recent years; the perfect amalgamation of cut throat fury, delicate intricacy and vast soundscapes that’ll please everyone, no matter where your tastes lie. It’s a fulfilling journey that’ll both destroy and enlighten you at the same time." - 

"Anybody who’s been wanting more metal in the vein of Fallujah’s The Flesh Prevails or Aegaeon’s fantastic 2011 release Dissension, look no further. You’ve found the perfect thing to satisfy that spacey craving with Peripety." - 

"As one song flows into the next, Peripety will fly by before you even know it. Though quite different sonically, this album left a similar emotive effect on me as Panopticon's Autumn Eternal. I even put off listening to it so I could dedicate my entire focus to the experience. The wait was worth it, and the result highly rewarding." - 

"This is where I usually list the highlights of the record. In this case, the entire record is the highlight. DO NOT miss this album if you are a fan of technical death metal and insanely great musicianship." - 

"Kardashev takes notes from some superior metal icons. I immediately hear influences from TesseracT, The Faceless, & Opeth. A great group of prog influences. This band however, instead of attempting to be those bands, has brought on their own sound. I hear a heavy lean towards the old school melodic death metal side of In Flames. I'm interested to see which road this up and coming metal band takes. Flawless production and an acute sense of all musical genres is making for an awesome new band....Kardashev!!" - Adam Cody, Wretched

"Ambiance washes in and out of these tracks, and atmospheric electronics compliment a pleasant listening experience. A sense of hope generated by synthesis lies underneath these songs otherwise filled with chunky, thick deathcore riffage. This gives Kardashev a refreshing uniqueness in a crowded genre. Keep an ear on them."- Jerry Grannan, Aegaeon 

"Kardashev is a mix of both new and old heavy metal genres. Their dark, cybernetic passages bring to mind The Contortionist / Aegaeon but keep the old school riffing ala The Black Dahlia Murder intact. Every member is firing on all cylinders here, production and song structure is given adequate attention. Keep an ear tuned to this band." - Cory West, A Distant Calm

Formed In: 2012
Status: Active
Years Active: 2012-Present

Chris Gerlings  - Bass
Nico Mirolla - Guitars
Mark Garrett - Vocals

Country of Origin: United States
Location: Tempe, Arizona
Genre: Progressive/Atmospheric Deathcore

Current Label: Subliminal Groove Records
Booking/Press Contact:
Agent: Nico Mirolla

Peripety (Full-Length Album - 2015)

Released October 30, 2015 

Featuring James Martin on Sopor and Lux.

Recorded and Edited by Nico Mirolla at Endless Gate Audio. (
Mixed and Mastered by MiAH at Sound Lair. (
Artwork by Chris Gerlings. 
Music by Kardashev 

Pre-Order At: 

Solidity - An Abnormal Collection (Full-Length - Album - 2016) - Bandcamp Stream

In August 2012 we watched the band came to life, and at length wrote and matured to the songs, and then came the self-organized club gigs and small festivals. Plenty of started it a year ago with the album recordings in their home studio and conditions, but in the end the band went in a pro studio called "No Silence-studio" for the mix and mastering.

The technical melodic death metal, progressive thrash team was playing the music of the most renowned bands could draw parallels with characteristics such as Scar Symmetry, Nevermore, Dream Theater and Hypocrisy. Nothing proves this better than the starting song album, The Collection after a brief overture electronic explosive tight riffing and modern, complex progressive themes that you could say are the backbone of the whole album. The subsequent Abnormal Syndrome shows the band in a more aggressive, more death metal image. In contrast, the My Sickness and As Dark As You Wish to take the complexity progressive grooves in the direction of a good dose of professional  solo thrown in.

For me, the highlight of the album Attila József - You know that no apology was recast poem in English Denied by way of Mercy Forever. Whether you are a Hypocrisy's hungry killing machine comes into where aggressive chopping, crush velvet caressed our eardrums, just like Insomnia fine-tuned, layer by layer structured syllabus, which is a horror great gothic atmosphere of melody became pressed into it. A Clockwork and final album The Village includes 100% solidity "thousand faces" of music. I mean by this violent death melodies, the US power was, technical riffing based on a variety of tunes already mentioned the spine as well as a diverse, more about current, sometimes grindcore been grunting Screen of melodies, resulting in a modern, unique, but sounding strong unified fabric.

An Abnormal Collection is a very complex, complex album, which is due to mixed effects of this refreshing spot will be tight layer on the periphery of the domestic music scene.

Formed In: 2012
Status: Active
Years Active: 2012-Present

Attila Kovács - Vocals
László Triesz - Lead Guitar, Programming, Lyrics
Károly Székely - Guitar
Zsolt dr. Kemény - Bass
Ágoston Nagy - Drums, Lyrics

Country of Origin: Hungary
Location: Budapest
Genre: Progressive/Melodic Death/Thrash Metal

Current Label: Unsigned/Independent
Booking/Press Contact:


An Abnormal Collection (Full-Length - Album - 2016)

Released June 10, 2016


Istvan Simon@No Silence studio 

Campa Delafuente 

If These Trees Could Talk - The Bones of a Dying World (Full-Length Album - 2016) - Bandcamp Stream

If Detroit, Michigan gave us the automobile, then Akron, Ohio gave us the tire. At one point, home to B.F. Goodrich, Firestone, General Tire, and Goodyear, the Rubber City played a large part in the advance of the auto industry. Times have changed, but Akronites continue to move forward with their intrepid spirit. This is particularly true for acclaimed instrumentalists If These Trees Could Talk, whose wondrous, coruscating sounds have captured not only legions of adoring fans, but also the attention of celebrated chef Chris Santos, who in turn played the group for friend and Metal Blade label guru Brian Slagel.

"Santos played some of our stuff to Brian Slagel," says guitarist Mike Socrates in slight disbelief. "Slagel sent us a tweet, and after a couple of months of back and forth, we were on Metal Blade! Still crazy to think back to that, but that's how it went down."

As part of inking a deal with Metal Blade, debut full-length Above the Earth, Below the Sky (2009) and its lauded successor Red Forest (2012) were re-issued, allowing new fans to encounter If These Trees Could Talk's sonic splendor without having to resort to aftermarket prices. And although Above the Earth, Below the Sky and Red Forest have sold over 30,000 copies prior to landing on Metal Blade, the Ohioans are looking to expand the footprint of the band. This includes the continuation of the organic growth strategies they've employed since forming in 2005, leveraging Metal Blade's marketing resources, and more licensing of songs to game and television studios.

"We always love hearing how people interpret our music," Socrates reveals. "One of the great things about being an instrumental band is that it breaks down the language barrier that some bands can have. It reaches across so many lines and evokes so many different feelings that it means something different to everyone. To us, that is one of the single greatest things about what we do. We don't interpret the music to the fans. They interpret it back to us."

Fans will get another chance to absorb and personalize If These Trees Could Talk with new album, The Bones of a Dying World. Unlike previous albums, this time the musical direction was set up by guitarist Cody Kelly and drummer Zack Kelly. According to Socrates, the duo acted as the creative force behind If These Trees Could Talk on The Bones of a Dying World, starting with the rhythms. Songs like "Solstice", "After the Smoke Clears", and "The Giving Tree" originated with the Kelly brothers, but they were refined with the knowhow of the rest of the band.

"Our lead guitar player [Cody Kelly] has a true ear for guitar melody over top of the groove," says Socrates. "In a way, 'The Bones of a Dying World' was definitely cut from the same cloth, but in a more progressive fashion," says Socrates. "We feel this album 'steps up the sound' in a way that could only come after 'Red Forest' and not before. The songs were constructed in a much more deliberate and cautious approach. A lot of time was spent on small parts and transitions in order to maximize the full effect of the song as a whole. In a way, we feel like this is the perfect continuation from 'Red Forest'. The dynamics and the flow just feel like a perfect next step to the story of us."

That story has its source in uncertain times. For the better part of a year and a half, If These Trees Could Talk were in the studio working on The Bones of a Dying World. Holed up with producer and engineer Zack Kelly at NE Meadow Studios, the recording process was laborious but productive. The prolonged session, however, eventually came to an end, and If These Trees Could Talk hired Alan Douches (Mono, Tombs) at West West Side Music to master the 9-song masterpiece.

"We've always recorded internally with our drummer Zack," Socrates notes. "Since the first EP ['If These Trees Could Talk', 2006], Zack has always been instrumental is capturing the sound that we strive for. He took great care to not use overdubs or samples on any of the drums to keep the natural feel alive as much as possible. We even worked up a mix where the drums were sampled and tossed it aside. We don't want to lose the natural feel of the band to technology if we don't have to."

Even though The Bones of a Dying World took four years to make, it sounds fresh and exciting. Songs like contemplative "The Here and Hereafter", the picturesque "Swallowing Teeth", the rocker "Earth Crawler", the progressive "Berlin", and the seven-minute nostalgia bomb "One Sky Above Us" are new ground for If These Trees Could Talk. Individually or as sets of music, the Akronites' new songs contain an indomitable spirit for adventure, where they effortlessly project awe, hope, or longing - without lyrics or vocals. Combine the mysterious, desolate cover art - based on photographs taken in Iceland - of Charlie Wagers, and The Bones of a Dying World was certainly worth the half-decade wait.

"We put a lot of blood, sweat and tears into this," smiles Socrates. "So, we hope the listeners can feel that and respond in kind."

Formed In: 2000
Status: Active
Years Active: 2000-Present

Zack Kelly - Drums
Tom Fihe - Bass
Jeff Kalal - Guitar
Cody Kelly - Guitar
Michael Socrates - Guitar

Location: Akron, Ohio, United States
Genre: Post-Rock|Post-Metal

Current Label: Metal Blade Records|Science of Silence(vinyl)|The Mylene Sheath(vinyl)
Press Contact:


The Bones of a Dying World (Full-Length Album - 2016)

Released June 3, 2016





terça-feira, 30 de agosto de 2016

Saattue - Kärsimysnäytelmä (Full-Length Album - 2016) - Bandcamp stream

The band released their first self-financed EP "Kivisydän" in 2004 and its follow up EP release "Ikiuneen" in 2006. 

In 2007 the band got signed by Spikefarm Records. Saattue’s debut album "Jäähyvästi" was released in late January 2008 and was followed by the second album "Vuoroveri" in November 2009.

The latest offering from Saatttue is their 3rd album "Kärsimysnäytelmä". It was released by Endless Desperation Productions in August 2016. After seven years of work Saattue presents seven unforgettable songs which will move you to the seven different mystical journeys of dark emotional states.

Saattue write their lyrics in Finnish and labels their music as “saatto metal”. Saatto, as well as Saattue, means procession in Finnish. In their music Saattue combine their native language Finnish to dark, raw and emotional musical elements. Saattue's roots are deeply in doom metal and other extreme metal genres, but they've also gathered influences from dark rock groups such as the Finnish cult rock act Mana Mana.

Typical trademarks of the Saattue-sound are oppressive heaviness, rawness, atmospheric passages and ear-catching chorus melodies.

Formed In: 2004
Status: Active
Years Active: 2001-2004 (as Kiduttajat), 2004-Present

Tuukka Koskinen - Vocals
Hapa Lampinen - Rhythm guitar
Tero Kalliomäki - Lead guitar / keyboards
Jani Koskela - Rhythm guitar / backing vocals
Sameli Köykkä - Drums
Samu Lahtinen - Bass

Country of origin: Finland
Location: Riihimäki
Genre: Melodic Doom/Death Metal

Current Label: Endless Desperation Prod.
Booking/Press Contact:


Kärsimysnäytelmä (Full-Length Album - 2016)

Released August 8, 2016 

Recorded at Studio KillHill by Tero Kalliomäki & at D-Studio by Jarno Hänninen 
Mixed and mastered by Tero Kalliomäki at Studio KillHill 
Cover and layout by Alex 
Band logo by Petri Willberg 
Band photo by Susanne Törmä 

All music by Tero Kalliomäki 
Lyrics by Tuukka Koskinen, except Tumma virta by Jani Koskela and Harhaanjohtaja by Tero Kalliomäki 
Kantele on Harhaanjohtaja by Aslak Tolonen

CD purchase

sábado, 27 de agosto de 2016

Storm of Particles - Storm Of Particles (Demo - 2016) - Bandcamp Stream

Storm of Particles is an Italian melodic death metal four-piece that came to be in March 2015 after Giacomo Biondelli (guitars), Lorenzo Pavesi (drums) and Matteo Anselmi (guitar and vocals) met for the very first time.. While most of the members seem to be new comers, guitarist and vocalist Matteo Anselmi (ex-member of Bleeding Stars, Fallen Sky, and a few others) rounds out the team with some additional experience.

At the beginning the repertoire only contained covers of well-known metal bands, but from May 2015 the three boys decided to join their forces to write exclusively their own pieces.

In August 2015 Letizia Tuccia (bass) took part in the project.

The band continued writing new music and performing live shows, and in March 2016 they have unleashed a five song self-titled demo to officially present themselves, which has been making some waves in the metal community as of late.

Truthfully, Storm of Particles is a little rough around the edges as far as the audio quality in concerned and, sadly, it’s the biggest downfall. The demo was clearly on a lower budget, catering to more of an analog cassette approach that does aid in the concept of the band’s name, but that’s about it. All the instruments are captured alright, though the drums can sound a bit more on the distant side due to this and the mastering involved as opposed to the vocals that sound much closer. The guitars also lack some bite at times, such as during the solos, due to favoring cleaner chords instead of the harsher, deeper distortion presented that works nicely with the bass guitar you don’t always hear. When not favoring that darker, heavier side, the music can seem a bit weak and even cluttered. Thankfully this doesn’t always get in the way of enjoying this release.

Storm of ParticlesStorm of Particles is a very promising debut recording from the band of the same name, though one could only wish it were a little better in the studio and mastering departments. The performances themselves are often brilliant and leave you not only with a lasting memory of the many addicting passages strewn about, but also feeling a surge of energy through your body from the material. There is no denying this Italian quartet has the chops and ability to run with the big dogs, which is a surprise in and of itself. Rarely do you ever get such a tightly knit and memorable demo recording this day and age, especially from such an early point in the band’s career. Storm of Particles is a name you’re going to want to remember, and a five song recording fans of the melodic death metal genre definitely need to hear. - Apoch's Metal Review

Formed In: 2015
Status: Active
Years Active: 2015-Present

Giacomo Biondelli - Guitar
Lorenzo Pavesi - Drums
Letizia Tuccia - Bass
Matteo Anselmi - Guitar,Vocals

Country of Origin: Italy
Location: Cremona, Lombardy
Genre: Melodic Death Metal

Current Label: Unsigned/Independent
Agent: RED MIST Booking & Management (


Storm Of Particles (Demo - 2016)

March 19th, 2016

Recorded in their home studio.

domingo, 21 de agosto de 2016

Subliminal Fear - Escape From Leviathan (Full-Length Album - 2016) - Bandcamp Steam

Subliminal Fear‘s new album title is “Escape from Leviathan”. After 2 years and half working in studio, the third album is finally ready and it shows several innovations about past musical style with a greater attention to melodies and with a modern sound. The early sound has evolved in a “cyber metal” with extreme and melodic vocals, djent guitars, a huge groove and with electronic and industrial synth. Now, the band’s line-up is composed by 2 vocalists, to express better all potential of the new sound, also in live shows. The brand new members of the line-up are: the vocalist Matteo De Bellis from deathster Golem and Ruggiero Lanotte, ex drummer of The Rest Side.

The new music style of the band mixes death metal, electronic music and catchy melodies, and it’s for lovers of Sybreed, Mnemic and Fear Factory. The third full length is been produced, mixed and mastered by Giuseppe Dentamaro and Subliminal Fear in Golem Dungeon Studios. All keyboards, samples and programming have been arranged by Botys Beezart (Godyva).

Album’s artwork has been realized by Seth Siro Anton (Septicflesh, Paradise Lost, Moonspell, Soilwork), based on the lyrics concept: a futuristic and apocalyptic vision of the world and the society, inspired by movies like Terminator, Alien and Matrix. The album was released by finnish label Inverse Records.

Formed In: 2001
Status: Active
Years Active: 2001-Present

Alessio Morella - Bass
Carmine Cristallo Vocals
Domenico - Murgolo - Guitars
Matteo De Bellis - Vocals
Ruggiero Lanotte - Drums

Country of Origin: Italy
Location: Barletta/Bari, Apulia
Genre: Melodic Death Metal

Current Label: Inverse Records
For booking & informations:
For merch requests:

Official website:

Escape From Leviathan (Full-Length Album - 2016)

Released May 13, 2016 by INVERSE RECORDS

Recordered and Mixeded in Golem Dungeon Studios (Bari)
Artwork by Seth Siro Anton (Septicflesh, Paradise Lost, Moonspell, Soilwork)

Guests Musicians  
Guillaume Bideau (Mnemic, One-Way Mirror)
Jon Howard (Threat Signal, Arkaea) 
Lawrence Mackrory (Darkane)

Pre-Order At:

sábado, 20 de agosto de 2016

Destroying The Devoid - Paramnesia (Full-Length Album - 2016) - Bandcamp Stream

Destroying The Devoid was forged in 2014 by Peters (Deeds of Flesh/Arkaik) as an outlet to compose material beyond the traditional confines of technical death metal. The idea behind the project was to be able to have creative freedom and take my songs to places I never would have in the past. “The song writing started back in the Summer of 2012,” relays Peters, “At first it just began as a couple of songs that eventually evolved over time. Being a huge fan of orchestral music and film scores I definitely wanted the music to have a deep and emotional impact.

Destroying The Devoid unleashed its debut full-length via Unique Leader Records on August 19th, 2016, Titled Paramnesia, the seven-track offering was engineered and produced by Craig Peters at Carnivale Nocturno Studios with all mixing and mastering handled by Zack Ohren (Deeds of Flesh, Arkaik, Suffocation et al) at Castle Ultimate Productions.

Across 46 minutes of music, Destroying The Devoid’s "Paramnesia" from start to finish takes the listener through a dark exploration of the human mind. The album portrays a visual representation of how an individual’s personality and perception of the world are molded and controlled by their relationships and experiences. Through repeated interactions, once unique strangers gradually morph into fragmented pieces of one another, now completely interspersed. This is essentially paramnesia, the inability to distinguish between fact and fiction. Society is constantly plagued by a world telling them what it is to be beautiful, successful and what they essentially need to "be happy" while taking advantage of the weak for their own selfish benefit. "Paramnesia" while not a concept album plays off of different themes related to perception and how we are affected by the world around us. The 3 part song "Beyond The Dark Veil" also deals with the emotional effect of death from 3 different perspectives.

These songs are dark, aggressive and very thematic. While at the music’s core has a very progressive death metal sound. The songs flow in and out of many stylistic changes. Ranging from blackened death metal to more melancholic and ethereal passages, not to forget some very intense instrumental sections that will leave your head spinning and wanting to hear more.

Formed In: 2014
Status: Active
Years Active: 2014-Present

Craig Peters - Everything

Country of Origin: United States
Location: Burbank, California
Genre: Progressive Death Metal

Current Label: Unique Leader Records


Paramnesia (Full-Length Album - 2016)

Released August 19, 2016

Pre-Order At:

Cognizance - Illusory (EP - 2016) - Soundcloud Stream

UK based Technical Death Metal wizards Cognizance have been at it for awhile, always releasing EPs of quality material over stretched thin quality full-lengths. Their most recent release was a 2014 two song EP, but now they've returned to a lengthier format with an upcoming five song release this time with Illusory.

From there, the band seem to have made their biggest change in sound to date on all the songs that follow. And  sweet guest spots by guitarist Christian Donaldson (Cryptopsy) on "Secondary Volition", and guitarist Justin Mckinney (The Faceless/Zenith Passage) on "Spectrum", just add even more sickness to what the band is already laying down like well seasoned pros throughout all of Illusory.

As the follow up to the 2014 _INCEPTUM singles, this record takes a darker more refined approach to their Speed Metal sound. Illusory will be released on 26 August 2016 via Bigcartel. This Stream is a courtesy of Metal Injection.

Sure, its still a first-rate blend of tech-death and brutal minded death metal like the band has always delivered, but this time there seems to more of a progressive and atmospheric gravitas supplementing the music on Illusory that wasn't as prevalent on any prior releases from the group.  The introduction of a super shreddy and tasteful instrumental on "Second Volition" is also something new for the band and it works surprisingly well. While I've been a fan of them for awhile, it's always cool to see a band really step it up and take their sound to higher and greater places.

Formed In: 2012
Status: Active
Years Active: 2012-Present

Alex Baillie - Guitars, Vocals (backing) 
Henry Pryce - Vocals 
Philip Archbold - Bass 

Country of Origin: United Kingdom
Location: Leeds, West Yorkshire, England
Genre: Technical  Death Metal

Current Label: Unsigned/Independent
Booking/Press Contact:

Official Website:

Illusory (EP - 2016)

Released on 26 August 2016

Pre-order the EP

Artwork by Sin-eater (Skeletonwitch, Mastodon)
ILLUSORY was recorded by John Browne, Cognizance & Mathias Garmusch.
Mixing & Mastering was handled by Christian Donaldson (The Grid, Canada)

segunda-feira, 15 de agosto de 2016

Dmitry Demyanenko - Insomnia (Full-Length Album - 2016) - Bandcamp Stream

The founder, composer, guitarist of Shokran, Dmitry Demyanenko has self-released a  debut solo album album called Insomnia, from Russia Dmitry has been quietly perfecting his tunes, the last time I heard him was on Shokran’s Ep Supreme Truth in 2014, we have been waiting for a full length for a while – and here it is Hats off to Dmitry for his perfect djent. 

Shokran guitarist Dmitry Demyanenko just released a wicked good solo album! This record is an absolute monster from start to finish, bringing forth creativity, technicality, and extreme shreddery with a special flavour as only the mastermind of Shokran could bring. He really manages to show his chops while bringing a thoroughly entertaining listening experience. 

The album was Produced and mixed by Vladimir Lehtinen at Blastbear Sound studio, the album Cover was maded by {MAYHEM PROJECT}, Photo by Daria Potapenkova, Drums by Mikhail Isaev. 

To keep it in perspective, if you like the work of Shokran, you’re going to love this! And, as luck would have it, you can listen to the entire album right here right now!

Dmitry Demyanenko - Everything

Country of Origin: Russia
Location: Krasnodar  

Current Label: Unsigned/Independent
Booking/Press Contact:


 Insomnia (Full-Length Album - 2016)

Released February 27, 2016

Produced and mixed by Vladimir Lehtinen at Blastbear Sound studio 
Album Cover was maded by {MAYHEM PROJECT}
Photo by Daria Potapenkova
Drums by Mikhail Isaev 

Avaliable at:
Google Play:

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Kuolemanlaakso - Roll The Dice With The Devil (Single - 2016) - Soundcloud Stream

On August 26th, Kuolemanlaakso are back, unlike you’ve never heard them before! As the title aptly implies, M. Laakso – Vol. 1: The Gothic Tapes is the first solo album of Kuolemanlaakso mastermind Laakso. It showcases his songwriting catchier and more varied than ever, and it shall be released internationally by Svart Records.

“Kuolemanlaakso started out as my one-man solo project, which quickly escalated into a full-action monster with shows in the biggest clubs and metal festivals around Finland. As our singer Kotamäki will be occupied with Swallow the Sun’s touring duties for a long time, I finally had the opportunity to record an actual Kuolemanlaakso solo album,” Laakso rejoices.

Compared to the previous Kuolemanlaakso releases, a lot has changed and much has stayed the same. For starters, M. Laakso – Vol. 1: The Gothic Tapes is not a death-doom album. While the trademark heaviness, gloominess, and melancholy are still solidly present, the color palette is vastly wider. The album is a journey through a wide range of emotions steered by nyctophilia: love for the dark. Whereas Uljas uusi maailma (2012), Musta aurinko nousee (EP, 2013) and Tulijoutsen (2014) were compared to acts such as Celtic Frost, My Dying Bride, and Ajattara, one might hear echoes of Sisters of Mercy, Tiamat, Paradise Lost, and Amorphis on this release. What’s also different is the language, and using Laakso as the lead vocalist.

“I chose to do these songs in English, as they demanded a more musical language than Finnish. However, Finnish will always remain the only official language of the non-solo Kuolemanlaakso albums,” Laakso promises.

The album was recorded, mixed, and mastered at Woodshed Studio, Germany, by V. Santura, with whom Kuolemanlaakso have worked with since the very beginning of their recording career. Santura also acts as a guitarist and backing vocalist of this special lineup, consisting of him and Kuolemanlaakso members Laakso (vocals, guitar, keys), Tiera (drums), and Usva (bass). The album also features guest performances by Mikko Kotamäki (Kuolemanlaakso, Swallow the Sun), Helena Haaparanta (Crimfall, Valo), and Jaani Peuhu (Iconcrash).

Listen to the first single “Roll the Dice with the Devil”, featuring Kotamäki and Peuhu on backing vocals.

Roll The Dice With The Devil (Single - 2016)

Released on June 8, 2016

Kuolemanlaakso’s latest album Tulijoutsen debuted at #10 on Finland’s Official Album Chart. It made notable appearances on the Album of the Year lists in Finland’s leading music publications, including Inferno, Soundi,, and UK’s Soundscape Magazine chose it as the Top #1 Album of 2014.

Svart Records will release M. Laakso – Vol. 1: The Gothic Tapes on red and black vinyl (limited to 200 and 300 pieces), digital download, mini-gatefold CD, and limited-edition artbook CD (500 pieces) on August 26, 2016. The artbook includes an exclusive bonus track and a 24-page booklet with handwritten lyrics, photographic art, and exclusive liner notes for each song, all crafted by Laakso himself.

Lineup on this Album:
Laakso (Chaosweaver) - Vocals, Guitar & Keys
Tiera (ex-Discard, ex-Cult of Endtime) - Drums
Usva (The Nibiruan,ex-Elenium) - Bass
V. Santura (Dark Fortress, Triptykon) - Guitar, Backing vocals

Country of Origin: Finland
Location: Kuopio / Helsinki
Genre: Death/Doom Metal

Current Label: Svart Records
Booking/Press Contact: Rockhopper Agency (
Juha Juoni (
+358 (0) 500 904932

Official Website:

Anna Murphy - Cellar Darling (2013 / 2016) [Extended Version] - Bandcamp Stream

'Mayday', along with the extended version of Anna Murphy  debut album 'Cellar Darling' (includes 'Mayday' and the Tommy Vetterli remix of the song 'Cellar Darling') will be available SOON on the digital music service of your choice. Both are available NOW at Bandcamp: 

Mayday is about living in the moment and doing stupid stuff. It is inspired by my constant search for chaos and the consequences of it. Musically it features my most authentic approach so far as well as a perfect band consisting of Marco Jencarelli (guitars), Ivo Henzi (bass) and Merlin Sutter (drums).

It is honest, sarcastic and provocative. The song was produced by Marco Jencarelli and Anna Murphy at Soundfarm studios in Lucerne, the artwork is done yet again by Anna Murphy with photography by Merlin Sutter.

Hometown: Winterthur, Switzerland 

Cellar Darling (2013 / 2016) [Extended Version]

Released August 12, 2016

Produced by Marco Jencarelli and Anna Murphy at Soundfarm studios in Lucerne. 
Artwork by Anna Murphy,

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Heroic - (2014 - 2016) [ Full Discography] - Bandcamp Stream

Heroic debuted at the end of 2011. Laszlo and Gergely wanted to make an epic death metal project with pagan and pagan black influences. Next year Adam (ex-Bloodrainbow), Istvan (ex-Sear bliss) and David joined the band. We wrote the Hordes album and started playing shows. In 2014 they played as support of AMON AMARTH in Budapest, and the Hungarian Metal Hammer's label Nail Records released their first LP: HORDES.

In early 2016 they ended their second full lenght album: BARBÁR. And released on August 1st, 2016.

Formed In: 2011
Status: Active 
Years Active: 2011-Present

Laszlo Szabo - Guitar
David Komlósi - Guitar
Adam Szalai - Vocals
Istvan Neubrandt - Bass
Gergely Kulcsar - Drums

Country of Origin: Hungary
Location: Budapeste 
Genre: Melodic Death/Pagan Metal

Current Label: Nail records
Phone: 06203810480//06205795525

BARBÁR (Full-Length Album - 2016)

Released August 1, 2016

Hordes (Full-Length Album - 2014)

Released May 2, 2014