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quinta-feira, 4 de maio de 2017

If I Could Kill Myself – Ballad of the Broken (Full-Length Album - 2017) - Bandcamp Stream

Ballad of the broken is an album by DSBM project If I Could Kill Myself, released on February 3. A relatively short album, only thirty three minutes long, ballad of the broken has ten tracks – again, only regret, coward, escapism or death, ballad of the broken, im just not worth it, to be forgotten, i hate myself, last chance and goodbye –, and without a doubt can be regarded as the ultimate DSBM album. Exceedingly different, and with a very peculiar style, this project have a very original approach concerning the genre, although brings back to the table themes familiar to DSBM, with suicide being the most prominent. Characterized by very depressive interludes, but delicate, soft and beautiful harmonies as well, ballad of the broken is primarily a very poetic and self-sufficient work with a strong identity. Honoring the DSBM subgenre with ostensibly captivating peculiarities, this is an album totally worthwhile listening.

The beauty and the delicacy of the harmonies certainly can be described as the strongest point of this album. Some passages are so ostensibly melodic, lucid, outspoken and beautiful, that you will hardly remember that you are listening – technically – to a black metal subgenre. Nonetheless, If I Could Kill Myself is abundant in beautiful passages, and the way the artist unravels its own singular style of music is simply too wonderful to believe.

Although there are some passages in a few songs that are, indeed, more powerful, rapid and aggressive, the strongest element on this album is the effusive, symbolic and astonishing development of a very personal musical identity, which is primarily melancholic, expressively melodic and somberly poetic, with more colorful, abstract and reflexive moments, that seems to be reminiscent of classical music. Creating marvelous melodies with profound and hazardous, but outwardly disdainful  feelings of suffering, frailty and desolation, If I Could Kill Myself, despite the fact that the album is a little bit short, certainly has taken DSBM to a more powerful, credible, ascendant, intelligent and abrasive path.

Since DSBM is considered almost a genre of music by its own merits, even by black metal enthusiasts, ballad of the broken is not recommended for everybody, but certainly will be much more appreciated by people who are already familiar with the subgenre. Nonetheless, ballad of the broken is an astonishing and amazingly intense album. Evidently, deserves to find its audience, and the right audience certainly will be exceedingly pleased and satisfied when listening to this marvelous, audacious, original and splendidly wonderful piece of work.  - Source: (

Formed In: 2017
Status: Active
Years Active:2017-Present

Dennis Mikula (Ghost Bath, Electric Specter 電妖怪, ex-I, Apparatus) - Everything

Country of Origin: United States
Location: N/A
Genre: Depressive Black Metal

Current Label: Unsigned/Independent


 Ballad of the Broken (Full-Length Album - 2017)

Released February 3, 2017 

Written, Recorded, and Performed by: IICKM