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sexta-feira, 14 de julho de 2017

Frosttide - From Dusk To Ascend (Single - 2017) + Two Bonus Tracks - Bandcamp Stream


FROSTTIDE are a five-piece melodic/folk metal band from Finland formed by Joni Snoro back in 2009. FROSTTIDE released their first EP called "Dawn of Frost" in 2010 and won the "Year’s underground act 2011" trophy at the Finnish Metal Awards. The band played shows as a support act with KORPIKLAANI as well as performing at “Nummirock 2012 Metal Festival” together with the likes of SABATON, FEAR FACTORY among other bands. The band released their second EP "Our Journey" – again single-handedly in 2012.

The first full-lenght album called "Awakening" was released on 30th of August 2013 via Noise Art Records. Soon after the release of Awakening, FROSTTIDE embarqued to play in the mighty HEIDENFEST 2013 tour together with ENSIFERUM, TURISAS, EQUILIBRIUM, SUIDAKRA + extended show bands. In the beginning of 2014, the band was back on the road supporting ENSIFERUM on their Unsung Heroes Tour France. After a successful tour in France, FROSTTIDE played few shows in their home country Finland along with KORPIKLAANI & FINNTROLL.

2nd album "Blood Oath" was released on 27th of February 2015! Straight after Blood Oath's release FROSTTIDE joined the ONE MAN ARMY TOUR FINLAND with ENSIFERUM and later on the spring the band embarked on the PAGANFEST TOUR 2015 with WINTERSUN, TURISAS, HEIDEVOLK & OBSCURITY. After a successful tour in Europe, the band focused on playing live shows in Finland in cooperation with the booking agency Northern Solitude Entertainment for the rest of 2015 with exception of their first headliner show abroad at the Bridge Blast Metal Festival in Herisau, Switzerland on September 27, 2015. Later that year FROSTTIDE played as a support act for CRADLE OF FILTH and NE OBLIVISCARIS at their show in Nosturi, Helsinki on November 21st.

In 2016, the band continued supporting their second album "Blood Oath" with live shows in Finland and became part of NEM agency's roster. The continuous touring within Finland led the band to play for the first time at the legendary TUSKA festival together with CHILDREN OF BODOM, TESTAMENT, BEHEMOTH & GHOST among other bands. In the fall of 2016, due to personal differences, the band parted ways with singer/guitarist Joni Snoro and bass player Lauri Myllylä.

FROSTTIDE is currently working on their new album as a three-piece with guitarist and main composer Juho patinen on lead vocals. The band is supported by two session musicians on the live shows and will head on their very first North American tour supporting their album Blood Oath this fall in Canada together with fellow metallers VALFREYA.

On July 2017, the band released their new single with two bonus tracks, this is a brand new track that will be featured in their forthcoming album. From Dusk To Ascend felt to be the right choice for the single. It has the traditional Frosttide sound and still gives a good representation of the new elements and sound that will be heard in our new album. For this track, the band wanted to keep a more organic sound for the band and not rely entirely on orchestrations.  Guitars are more prominent than in our previous material but fear not! Keyboards are strongly present in this track providing the atmospheric landscape and bombastic elements for these aggressive riffs and powerful drumming together with a brand new voice.

Originally published on the EP "Our Journey", the bans always wanted to revisit this song and record it with the current sound of the band. So they finally did it during these recording sessions and they bring it to you as a bonus track for this single release! It is great to have this track back in the set and they look forward to play it live with these new arrangements!

LODI (CCR Cover):
The mandatory cover! Ever felt trapped in your hometown and dreamed to travel around the world? You know, play some shows, have some Caipirinhas in Brazil or enjoy some cold beers at Oktoberfest in Germany? Well... this is the story of this guy! Or sort of!

Originally composed by John Fogerty and performed by Creedence Clearwater Revival, the song tells about a touring musician that is stuck in a small town where nobody appreciates his music leaving him unable to raise enough money to leave town. This is probably the cover that they had most fun recording! They wanted to keep the essence of the original song but we also infused couple of new elements musically to add some flavour the story told in the lyrics.

Juho Patinen - Guitars & Lead Vocals
Felipe Munoz - Keyboards, Orchestrations & Backing Vocals
Joonas Nislin - Drums

Genre: Epic /Dark /Folk Metal
Hometown: Jyväskylä, Finland
Record Company: NoiseArt Records:
Booking: NEM Agency

Iiro Laitinen/ (0)45 259 3030

Las FM:
My Space:

From Dusk To Ascend (Single)

Released July 14, 2017 

Lyrics by Juho Patinen. 
Music by Juho Patinen & Frosttide 
Artwork by Jouni Valjakka 

Mixed and mastered by Juho Patinen 
Bass played and recorded by Juho Patinen 

"Lodi" music and lyrics by John Fogerty. Published by Jondora Music/Misty Music AB 

This single is available for purchase in two formats:


Includes the single track + 2 bonus songs. Available at: and


Includes the single track + bonus tracks + high res. artwork + wallpapers and lyric video! Available in our webstore at: