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domingo, 23 de julho de 2017

Hitwood - (2016 - 2017) [ Full Discography] - Bandcamp Stream

The Hitwood project was founded in 2007, it's based in the North of Italy and is intended as a solo project of Antonio Boccellari. 10 Years ago, an old wise man appears in his dreams and guide him into an astral journey every night. In these “travels” there’s an old man, called Hitwood, who explains that he’s trapped in that dreamworld from a long time and his real alter-ego it’s probably already alive in the real world but it’s stuck in an perpetual sleep.

The old man discover in the dreamworld the dark future of the earth and do its best to communicate this to people in their dreams through its celestial music, because he can’t dialogue in another way. There are thousands of Hitwood messengers around the world but when they wake up probably didn’t remember what these melodies are about and ends up to forget them. The founder of Hitwood project is one of these Messengers and has the gift to remember the dreamy melodies despite he didn’t know what they really means.

His purpose was to make songs with fragments of these melodies adapted in a Melodic Death/Post Metal style in the hope to find someone who could remember something from Hitwood dreams and help him to communicate his visions of the future to humanity.

The first album "When Youngness... Flies Away..." was released in October 2016 after 9 years of composition necessary to elaborate all the melodies dreamed in the past years and trying to commutate them into a Metal approach and give them a logic song structure.
After this important milestone, was released another EP called "As a Season Bloom". Short album with only four songs where every track describe through music the vibe of every season to make a testament of how the season where before what would happen in the future. Nothing will be the same...

Antonio, the hitwood messenger, was working urgently on new material because the dreams becomes more and more frequent in the last times and the old wise want to find the other messengers to save the world from an imminent dark omen.

Formed In: 2007
Status: Active
Years Active: 2007-Present

Antonio Boccellari - Everything (Guitar, Drums, Bass, Studio Engineering, Synth)

Country: Italy
Location: Milan, Lombardy
Genre: Melodic Death Metal / Post Metal / Shoegaze

Current Label: Independent/Unsigned
Booking/Press Conntact:


My Path to Nowhere (Single - 2017)

 Released June 26, 2017

Hitwood in the past was an instrumental project but in the future it will feature vocals, so this is the first proof of that new change of skin. "My path to nowhere" is the first single extracted from the upcoming album available in the second half of 2017.

Line Up
Antonio Boccellari (Songwriting, Guitars, Bass, Drums)
Carlos Timaure (Growl Vocals)

As A Season Bloom (EP - 2017)

 Released April 9, 2017

23 Minutes Ep to bounce from a genre to another. Every song represents the mood of a season and there's space for Post Rock, Folk, Melodic Death Metal and some Black Metal influences. As A Season Bloom is an experiment for re-define the Hitwood sound this time less metal oriented than the past.

When Youngness​.​. Flies Away​.​. (Full-Length Album - 2016)

Released October 9, 2016

There are 10 songs in this album composed between 2007 and 2016 totally inspired by years of dreams. This album was self recorded by the only member of the project Antonio Boccellari in the spring of 2016 then released in October of the same year. It's an instrumental album influenced by Melodic Death Metal and with some post-rock/shoegaze recalls.

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