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segunda-feira, 7 de agosto de 2017

Mirror Morionis - Our Bereavement Season (Full-Length Album - 2017) - Bandcamp Stream

Mirror Morionis is the dark side of each of you. This is what lies deep inside, beyond the Mirror. Deeper than the subconscious. The music of the band is this web, relieving the pain and suffering of those who despaired of seeing the light and waiting for a glimmer of hope.

The group's history begins in the fall of 2005, when the group's future founders Cataract (ex-Apoptosis Kingdoom, Acheron, Dreamprowler) and Dread met for the first time. By coincidence, full-fledged communication began only six months later, and three years later it was decided to create a group playing leisurely, thoughtful and beautiful music. The course was taken on Doom Metal. Spring 2010. The name of the project was given to Mirror Morionis, which means "morion mirror" - a mirror of black morion quartz, capable of reflecting only that which is blacker than itself. So the idea for the first album was laid: everything in this world is Mirrors. Not the ones we used to see around. Mirror is a reflection of that ancient and deep that rests below the subconscious, but manifests itself in us. All events, thoughts, words and feelings ... The whole world is a maze of reflection of the whole multitude of events. All around are reflections. For the summer and autumn of 2010, songs for the first album were written.

The first group consisted of 4 people: Cataract (Groul), Dread (keyboards), Loginoff (rhythm guitar), Godgiven (drums). Later, Loginoff left the project. The search for a new rhythm guitarist began. This led to the fact that in the fall of 2010 Mirror Morionis became a full-fledged group of 8 people.

The new staff also included:
- Mirror (ex-Apoptosis Kingdoom) - vocals
- Gilbert (IQ12) - bass guitar
- Kenny - acoustic guitar
- Litiir (ex-Glastornberi, Empath, Nuclear War) - rhythm guitar
- Reflections (Disaster Shape) - solo guitar

In the spring of 2011, the guitarist, Daniel joined as a session rhythm.

The official date of birth of the band is December 26, 2010 - the first performance.

But, like reflection in the mirror, Mirror Morionis also composed and recordered their debut album. And very soon all this secret mirror will become apparent ...

Autumn 2012. New line-up:
Dread - piano, keys, songwriting
Litiir (Cult of Violence, Nuclear War) - rythm guitar
Woland (Nuclear War, Collapser) - lead guitar
Kenny - acoustic guitar
Gilbert - bass
Vidok (Funeral Tears, Стахановцы) - drums
Mirror - vocals
Cataract (Nuclear War, Collapser) - vocals

The entire line-up changed between albums, when Cataract moved to a different city, leaving the old members behind, and teamed up with Selena.

The new Mirror Morionis album is a story about the pathways and it's interlacing, about how a person chooses his own lifeline and what he may come in the end. "Our Bereavement Season" album is a musical canvas as long as journey between shores of life, in accompanied with the cold guitar sound and the lamentations of symphonic instruments.

The band's style can be described as atmospheric doom metal in the tradition of the European scene - heavy guitars and growling deep soulful harmony with key parties and breathtaking vocals.

Formed In: 2010
Status: Active
Years Active: 2010-Present

Selena - Vocals
Cataract - Vocals/All instruments

Country of Origin: Russia
Location: Tomsk
Genre: Atmospheric Gothic/Doom Metal

Current Label: Endless Winter
Booking/Press Contact:

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Our Bereavement Season (Full-Length Album - 2017)
Releases August 8, 2017