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quarta-feira, 28 de setembro de 2016

Temperance - The Earth Embraces Us All (Full-Length Album - 2016) - Bandcamp Stream

Melodic metallers, Temperance, released their new album, The Earth Embraces Us All, on September 16th via Scarlet Records. The album artwork has once again been made by Gustavo Sazes (Kamelot, Arch Enemy, Morbid Angel).

Singer Chiara Tricarico comments: “This is without any doubt the most complex and mature album we’ve ever done. It basically gave us the chance to add many new elements to our music. Most of the songs in our previous albums were short and straight to the point, these new ones are longer and stylistically challenging, it takes time to fully grasp their essence. The Earth Embraces Us All is the natural evolution of our musical path, we are very proud of it, I think it represents us well!”

Temperance was born in late 2013 in Northern Italy. Four out of five of the original members, respectively Giulio Capone (drums and keyboards), Sandro Capone (rhythm guitars), Luca Negro (bass) and Marco Pastorino (lead guitars and vocals) had already played together in other projects for many years, and they decided to start a new music adventure with a band which would also include female vocals with Chiara Tricarico (vocals).

The idea was to create a unique mixture of many musical genres, with a solid melodic metal base. After a few months of rehealsals and songwriting sessions, they gave birth to their first and self titled album and signed a deal with Scarlet Records. A few months later, after the first European gigs, the band played as opening act for Within temptation in Milan and for Korpiklaani in Sicily.

After attending many gigs and festivals in Italy and Eastern Europe, in September 2014 the band toured throughout the US West Coast. That experience brought much inspiration to the band, which started the composition of the second album “Limitless” a few months later. “Limitless” was released in March 2015, via Scarlet Records. Temperance re-started again on tour over Europe including the new songs and with more powerful shows. The following summer they played as opening act for Slipknot and At The Gates at PostePay Rock In Roma.

Shortly after, the guitarist Sandro had to part ways with the band due to personal reasons. The following year was very busy for the band, that played many headlining shows and festivals in Italy and joined the European Tour supporting the shows of Luca Turilli’s Rhapsody.

In June 2016 the band performed as opening act for Nightwish, Epica and Apocalyptica in Rome. During that show, they played a preview of their third album, "The Earth Embraces Us All", released in September 2016 via Scarlet Records.

Media Praise 

" ..a symphonic metal album with enough power to compete with some of the old Nightwish and Epica albums." metal-discovery (Rating 10/10)

"With the surprising" The Earth Embraces us All "as the Temperance can never merge insights, ideas and heterogeneous elements without ever obliterate their identity more commercial, modern and melodic. The embrace of the earth has never been so compelling. " - (Rating 80/100)

"There are some great songs on The Earth Embraces Us All and then we see the comparisons with previous bands like the fingers. For me this is the best female fronted album of the year to date already. " - (Rating 9/10)

"TEMPERANCE thus provide a first serious contender for the melodic album of the year and just can not fall on deaf ears! Well done!" - (Rating 4,5/5)

"I had already taken the opportunity to review the Temperance. The first time it was out of curiosity, now I've done for confirmation. These guys are very good and are getting the success they deserve. Hats off. " - METALWAVE (Rating 81/100)

"Over time, the Temperance become more and more complete, and this record is its most profound and tangible evidence. An album that has virtually no weaknesses, because it manages to combine different styles and different registers with enviable authoritativeness" - (Rating 85/100)

" The Earth Embraces Us All is nothing less than a triumph. " - Moshville Times

”The Earth Embraces Us All“ is a very good album that will please many. I recommend it especially for fans of Amaranthe and Nightwish, but if you like symphonic/melodic metal in general you should definitely check it out, too! " - Magna Femina - A webzine about women in metal (Rating 85/100)

"Fans of Nightwish and others will be in heaven, hungry metalheads rough riffs and more violent music will get their money and spend their way But one thing is certain. Yet we hear a lot about the Italians Temperance" - Music in Belgium (Rating 4/5)

" I already thought Temperance had stepped up their game big time on Limitless, but with their new release The Earth Embraces Us All, they have surprised me with two of their most ambitious and impressive songs to date" - Myglobalmind Online Magazine (Rating 10/10)

"Really their best shot so far, but there is still plenty of room to surpass it, though they may before now really get a lot out of the closet. Temperance, I congratulate you. The Earth Embraces us All for now, a masterful record! " - WingsOfDeath 

Formed In: 2013
Status: Active
Years Active: 2013-Present

Chiara - Vocals
Marco - Lead Guitar & Vocals
Luca - Bass
Giulio - Drums & Keys

Country of Origin: Italy
Location: Arona (Novara), Piedmont / Milan, Lombardy
Genre: Melodic Heavy Metal

Current Label: Scarlet Records
CEO: Truck Me Hard -
Booking/Press Contact:


The Earth Embraces Us All (Full-Length Album - 2016)

Released September 16, 2016

Artwork by Gustavo Sazes
Mixing, Mastering maded by Simone Mularoni
Produced by Marco Pastorino and Giulio Capone
Recorded at Music Ink Studio.
Mixed and mastered at Domination Studio.

Buy The Album At: