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segunda-feira, 2 de janeiro de 2017

Yggdrassil Announces New Album + New Single Released

Foto de Yggdrassil.
Yggdrassil, is a Death/Viking Metal band in Zaragoza, Spain. Viking tree of life which was materialized in a Death Metal band in Zaragoza in 2013. Band that started as many other bands, covering songs of known metal bands.

Until we completed our current formation. It was mid-2014 when the band composed his first song , and from that point, the band will write more music , these songs can be listened in "One Step Closer To Valhalla" first physical CD of the band and its presentation to the entire world.

In March of 2015 they released an EP "One Step Closer To Valhalla" first work of the band.

The band show us important details of its first full length album, which will receive the title of "All Shall Burn" (title based on the wave of destruction caused by the giant Surt).

"All Shall Burn" consists of an LP composed by 10 themes that deal with mythology and festivities, among the cuts are:

- Körangar 
 - All Shall Burn 
 - End of Cycle 
 - The Horde Above All 
- Slaughter of The Dragon 
 - Battle in the Storm 
 - Shield Wall 
 - One Last Ride 
 - Andvarinaut 
 - Yuletide

Here we show you "Yuletide" that is the first single extracted from Yggdrassil's debut album "All Shall Burn", which shows the new sound of the band, more focused on the Death Metal style.

 Yuletide (Official Lyric Video) 

Released: December 21, 2016

Spain: 20/01/2017
Worldwide: 24/02/2017

Preorder options will be available soon ...
More info coming soon to and:

Founded in:  November 4th  of 2012
Status: Active
Years c: 2012-Present

David Lopez - Vocals
Claudia Moncada - Guitars
Daniel Zamora - Guitars
Sandra Casado - Bass
Ivan Ezquerro - Drums

Location: Zaragoza (Spain)
Genre:Melodic Death Metal/Viking Metal