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domingo, 12 de agosto de 2018

Meet "Tiranuz" A Promissing Rock Band From Angola

Foto de T I Я Δ N U Z.

Tiranuz was founded on March 12, 2016 in Viana, Luanda. The band was formed by Niro Catraio (vocalist), Breno Nascimento (bass) and Saddan Oliveria (ex-drummer). But there was a  period in which they were working temporarily with guitarist Frinck Sanda, because he had other aspirations that did not go according to the band goals and musicality, "explained Niro Catraio, adding that with the departure of Frinck Sanda , the band had to look for other instrumentalists for the continuity of the project.

The singer further emphasizes that the band had to hire new members. "Here are the guitarists Scott Malonga (ex-Pestes and Parasitas), Sílvio Rodrigues (ex-Kosmus) and Otniell Fernandes (ex-Necrotério Vazio). But for personal reasons, Otniell left the band to form a new project.

In the beginning, the band had another designation, but after a period, Saddan Oliveira left the band for personal and professional questions. "At the time, the band was called" S3NB "- which was the junction of the initials of the names of the founding members. And later, the current drummer of Tiranuz, Tuchometal Campos joins the Tiranuz, whose the band name was his proposal, "said Niro Catraio.

The leader of the group also made it known that the composition of the letters that he calls the band comes from an "African God". "The 'R' on the other hand is nothing special. But the "Pyramid" to do the "A" instead refers to the Pyramid of the "Eye of Horus", from the Egyptian mythology that is an African God. And as Africans they are, they want to show that Africa also has stories to tell and  also have a rich mythology".

The band's main priority is solidify the career, making concerts to achieve an bigger public acceptance through their performances level playing at concerts where they're invited wich come aroud the country and abroad. On March, 2018 their effort help them gain some recognition culminated  by a nomination in the cathegory of best rock band at the Angolan Music Awards (AMA).

"We have eight songs already finalized and ready to present to the public. All of them are sung in Portuguese, but they are thinking about creating some in Kimbundu and Umbundu, " - Commented the band.

There is a setlist of the whole material release by the band including some live performances, you can hear down below:

Formed  In: March 2016
Status: Active
Years Active: 2016-Present

Niro Catraio - Vocals
Scott Malonga - Guitar  and  Backing Vocals
Silvio Rodrigues - Guitar  and  Backing Vocals
Tucho Metal - Drums

Country of Origin: Angola
Current Location: Luanda 

Current Label: Independent/Unsigned
Genre: Rock/Alternative Metal


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