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quarta-feira, 21 de dezembro de 2016

Bleak Flesh - The Spectral Path (Official Music Video - 2016)


The Spectral Path was released privately in the first place to the media and friends of the band, and it was yesterday, December 19th, when they made this work public.

On November 12 the band started recording The Spectral Path at Navarro Fotoestudio's headquarters in the capital under the production of Felipe Cárcamo and Vania Gutiérrez de Vupes Films, and With the participation of the drummer of Mechanical Decapitation, Leonardo Berrios, who embodies the protagonist of the video.

"The Spectral Path is a very powerful, technical and representative subject of the path we have taken as a band in terms of style." - Commented Matías Quiroz

Released December 19,  2016

Music: Matías Quiroz Lyrics: Ngen Kerruff
Actor/Spectral Path Follower: Leonardo Berríos
Video Production: " Vulpes Films
Felipe Cárcamo/Vania Gutiérrez
Studio: Navarro Fotoestudio
Final Mix and Audio Mastering: Sonido Origen

Formed in: 2009
Status: Active
Years Active: 2009-Present

Ngen Kerruff (Vocals) 
Matías Quiroz (7 strings Guitars) 
Nicolás Martínez (8 strings Guitars) 
Sebastián Vidal (Drums) 
Enrique Carvajal (Bass Guitar)

Genre:  Technical Progressive Death Metal
Hometown: Santiago de Chile

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