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quinta-feira, 29 de dezembro de 2016

The Committee Announces New Album + Releases New Single

Foto de The Committee - band.

Foto de The Committee - band.

"Synthetic, Organic Gods" is the first single  from The Committee's upcoming album "Memorandum Occultus"that will be released on February 25, 2017 by Folter Records on a release show   (with Angelcorpse)@ Nuke club Berlin, the album will be avaliable in cd and vinyl.

In the winter of 2007 the roots of The Committee have been planted. It started with a one man project drafted by Igor Mortis. After the project remained dormant for some time, it accidentally was discovered by the drummer William A, who ( after some encouragement ) succeeded in forming a 5-soul strong musical collective. The demo "Holodomor" has been released in the beginning of 2013. The Full album "Power Through Unity" is released in February 2014 by Folter Records. Live shows have been confirmed for 2014 and further.

The Committee is a 5-soul strong collective of international members who dedicate themselves to the art of black / doom metal. The Committee does not conform or support ANY political ideology.  Some of the listeners find the topics of band very controversial, however rest assured! The aim of the band is to present historic facts in a new light and from a new point of view. The Committee is a collaboration. The band works with guest artists and vocalists in order to expand the boundaries of Metal.

The Committee began as a Black/Doom Metal collaboration. The sound can be described as deep and guttural with an appealing and hypnotic monotone character.  The expression of pure misery and suffering is prevalent throughout the whole ensemble. The band is focussing on creating a well balanced album that fits into a one concept, rather than a melange of separate songs. In order to preserve the original intended character and feeling of the music, sound effects and keyboards are kept to the bare minimum.

The Committee does not promote any political ideology and does not support any political side! The views of the band are pure pragmatic with an open minded interest towards the topics that are being displayed in the music. The Committee calls out towards unity and respect inside the International Underground Metal Scene with the realistic view of the current ( and future ) zeitgeist. 

Synthetic, Organic Gods (Single - 2016)

Released: December 28,2016

Music by The Committee.
Video images edited by William Auruman.

Formed In: 2007
Status: Active
Years Active: 2007-Present

Igor Mortis - The Conspirator - Guitar, Lead Vocals 
William Auruman - The Charter - Drums and percussion 
Aristo Crassade - The Trigger - Guitar, Backing vocals 
Marc Abre - The Mediator - Bass, Backing Vocals
Urok - The Inquisitor - Keyboards
Navigator - Guest Vocals 
Duce - Guest Vocals 
Void - Guest Vocals

Country of Origin: Belgium
Hometown: Brussels Hoofdstedelijk Gewest
Genre: Black/Doom Metal 

Official site:

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