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terça-feira, 6 de fevereiro de 2018

Giant Gutter From Outer Space - Charred Memories (Full-Length Album - 2018) - Bandcamp Stream

The drums-and-bass duo Giant Gutter From Outer Space are back here to tell what's what with a 6-track ball of fire inspired by suppressed traumas of those affected by the authoritarianism and brutalities committed by the Brazilian State particularly in the 60's-80's.

Recorded in late 2017, the duo broaden their pioneering sound with bits from modular synthesizer territory, courtesy of Curitiba black metal artist Nahtaivel. "Charred Memories" is presented on Terranean Recordings with an exclusive battered mix and graphic design by Luke Lund.

“Charred Memories” is out, February 1st, on Brasilian net label Sinewave, UK based Harsh Noise Movement / HNM Records, MuteAnt Sounds net label (US), and Finnish label Terranean Recordings.

The reality is that the band is a very rare case, especially in the music scene of Curitiba, a band that managed to record so much work in so little time. In addition to the CD "Black Bile" in just five months, the group has released two EPs, "Set Adrift" and "Stumm", and has been able to national and internacional prominence with his music.

Formed in: 2014
Status: Active
Years Active: 2014-Present

Johnny R. Rosa -  Drums
Hernan Borges de Oliveira - Bass

Country of Origin: Brazil
Location: Curitiba
Genre: Instrumental|Noise-Rock|Avant-Garde Metal

Current Label: Unsigned/Independent
Official Website:

Charred Memories (Full-Length Album - 2018)

Released February 1, 2018 

Recorded by Murillo Da Rós at Clínica Pro Music, Curitiba, Brazil. 
Mixed and mastered by Luke Lund at Solace. 
Graphic design by Luke Lund. 
All music composed, performed and produced by GGFOS. 
Modular synthesizer composed and performed by Fernando Nahtaivel.

Streaming and Orders:

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