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sexta-feira, 3 de novembro de 2017


The Nightlands were formed in Pesaro in 2006 for the will of the singer and guitarist Ludovico Cioffi, to whom several years ago several musicians are added, before arriving to the present formation formed by Filippo Scrima (Guitar), Francesco Ambrogiani (Keyboards), Brendan Paolini ) and Filippo Cicoria (Battery).

Very active on the live and musically receptive fronts for contemporary productions of symphonic, death, folk and viking, the five propose to combine these influences with a scream / growl singing alternating with epic and powerful choirs. So after a first ep "Knights of the Dark Empire" (2011), in 2012 is the turn of "In Solemn Rise", a 5-track ep by which it is extracted as single / video "Diamond Siren", a further step forward which brings the band to an intense live activity (opening for Suffilation, Cephalic Carnage, Vision Divine, Ancient Bards, Havok, Eyeconoclast), embellished with scenic elements that will become a constant during subsequent performances.

By the end of 2013, the Nightland came into the studio to begin working on the first full-length album titled "Obsession", which represents a new exciting chapter in their career taking on new stylistic nuances. The same definition of "Epic Death Metal" begins to take on less defined and wider contours, the sound becomes more aggressive, the keyboard riffs of the 90s power are almost completely abandoned to give space to powerful orchestrations and symphonic choirs. Even the content is more dull, the themes are dramatic, at times disturbing, highlighted by numerous atmospheric digressions in support of the concept behind Obsession: a profound analysis of the most cruel aspects of the mental instability of ' man, derived from obsessions, paranoia and phobias.

Today, on November 3rd 2017 the band released their new single "Astralize" from the upcoming album, more details set to be revealed soon. 

Formed In: 2007
Status: Active
Years Active: 2007-Present

Ludovico Cioffi - Vocals, Guitar
Filippo Scrima - Guitar
Brendan Paolini - Bass
Filippo Cicoria - Drums 

Country of origin: Italy
Location: Pesaro, Marche
Genre: Symphonic Death Metal 

Current Label: Rockshots
ROCKSHOTS Music Management & Promotion -

Official Website:
Released: November 3rd 2017

Lyric video animation by Enrico Zavatta Design and Multimedia.

Mixed and mastered at Audiocore Studio, Parma, Italy.

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