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quinta-feira, 26 de outubro de 2017

From The Hellmouth | Mutilatred (Split EP - 2017) - Bandcamp Stream

Foto de From The Hellmouth.

A marriage of brutality and precision annihilation, MUTILATRED and FROM THE HELLMOUTH's individual killing sprees collide on a monumental collaboration of malevolence. MUTILATRED's uncompromisingly heavy slam soaked brutality and FROM THE HELLMOUTH's whirlwind death metal battery will leave your carcass drenched in wretched carnage and your mind rendered to dust. Two of modern death metal's up-and-comers aim to bring extremity and brutality back to the genre and drain the sea of retro poserdom. Consider yourselves warned AND victims. 

Two death metal machines hailing from Cleveland and Toledo respectively, the eight songs on the split are straightforward death metal. No frills about it.

The collaboration seems to be a natural one formed from mutual connections and playing live together.

“When Thomas [owner of Redefining Darkness Records | Seeing Red Records] approached us about doing a split with Mutilatred, we jumped on it,” says From the Hellmouth bandleader Noah Buchanan. “We’ve played a few shows together between our two cities, and we really dig their style! This was also the first opportunity to feature the new lineup on a recording. When I did the first EP, I played all the guitar, and Alan Cassidy (The Black Dahlia Murder) handled the drum duties. Now with this new split EP release under our belts, the lineup is solid – We all have something to be proud of.”

“We played with From the Hellmouth a few times and love seeing them live,” Mutilatred drummer Clay Lowe adds. “Plus we are essentially label mates with Seeing Red Records being a subsidary of Redefining Darkness Records. When presented the chance to make a split with them, we were all about it! Our styles of death metal mesh well together, and that is somewhat difficult to find in our region. We recorded our portion of the EP at Lake Bottom Studios in Toledo with the approach of making the album sound raw and as true to our live sound as possible. Hope everyone digs it!”

From The Hellmouth | Mutilatred (Split EP - 2017)
Released August 4, 2017 

Noah Buchanan-Vocals 
Allan Marcus-Lead Guitar 
Nate Taddeo-Guitar 
Dave Vezdos-Bass 
Joe Lowrie-Drums 

Tracks 1-3 Recorded, Mixed, and Mastered in April 2017 at 
Brainchild Recording Studio in Cleveland, OH 

Patrick McDonagh – Guitar & Vocals. 
Clay Lowe – Drums. 
Eli Fakes – Bass & Noise. 
Patrick Meyers – Guitar, Programming, & Noise. 

Tracks 4-8 Recorded at Lakebottom Recording House. 
Engineering, Mixing, Mastering, & Patience – J.C. Griffin. 

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This recording is dedicated to the memory of Jim Sadist Konya. MAY HE REST IN POWER. 
Thanks to Redefining Darkness Records and Mutilatred.