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sábado, 28 de julho de 2018

Bleak Flesh - The Curse of Sight (Single - 2018) - Bandcamp Stream

Foto de Bleak Flesh.

Formed in 2009 in Santiago de Chile. In 2013 the band releases “THE GATEWAY” EP presenting an interesting mix of genres like technical and melodic death metal with progressive touches. In 2014 Bleak Flesh released their  first LP called “TRANSCENDENCE”. 

On January 1st 2016 Radial Velocity was released as a single and became the  first song recorded with Ngen on vocals. Bleak Flesh first official videoclip was revealed to the public on December 19th to promote the Single “The Spectral Path”. The band released their third studio effort on April 10th 2017, a 7 track EP called “OVERCOMING REALITY” with all the classic songwriting elements but pushing the envelope further way.

Bleak Flesh return once again with a long-awaited single taken from their upcoming full length, due to be released next year! We're very proud to give you the first sneak peek of what to expect!

"The lyrics are related to a quick look at the ineffable cycles of the universe, which by their immensity take the observer to the limit of sanity."

Bleak Flesh is currently working on a new LP, stay tuned for more.

Formed in: 2009
Status: Active
Years Active: 2009-Present

Ngen Kerruff (Vocals) 
Matías Quiroz (7 strings Guitars) 
Sebastián Vidal (Drums) 
Enrique Carvajal (Bass Guitar)

Genre:  Technical Progressive Death Metal
Hometown: Santiago de Chile
Released July 11, 2018 

Music: Matías Quiroz 
Lyrics: Ngen Kerruff 
Mix/Mastering: Carlos Fuentes at Sonido Origen. 

Sonido Origen on facebook: 
Artwork: Mark Erskine 
Logo: Maxwell Aston 
Original Logo Concept: Arpad Korenci

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