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sexta-feira, 2 de junho de 2017

ANFEL Announes New Album + New Single Released

Foto de ANFEL.
ANFEL is a combination of Gothic Doom Metal and instrumental-keyboards songs. Vocal lines are built on the contrast between a woman's clean vocals and male quality growling. The music of the group distinguishes the symphonic saturation, atmosphere and melody. And solo work by Denis Lobotorov.

In the beginning of 2009 the composer Denis Lobotorov and guitarist Mikhail Lebedev decided to create a tool online project, which would embody their personal creative ideas and plans. The first release  was instrumental album: "In Memory About", in 2009. As a basis, it was decided to take such music genres as: Melodic Metal, Instrumental, Gothic Doom Metal. in these genres the musicians were able to more fully realize their ideas and thoughts, to reveal, to convey their inner feelings, emotions, and convey them to the audience. Were the first judges of these simple soulful instrumentals.

In 2010 was released the second instrumental album :"Blind Me". The music of this album is very saturation.The musicians are experimenting with the sound.Compositions were becoming harder.
In the beginning of 2011 appears the third instrumental album: "Pain Of A Thousand Tears". The musicians had come to the lyrics again.  The main ideas of this album are melody and brightness.

In middle of 2011 Denis and Mikhail had taken a decision about creating a full-fledged band. In many respects this decision was caused by creative and professional development of the musicians, and the desire of larger Express their inner world in music: «Our music is a must to gain a voice and live sound. The project received the official name of the "ANFEL" - And New Future Ever Lives - And a New Future Still Lives, the genre of the group was clearly defined (Gothic Doom/Death Metal) And in the middle of 2012 were appeared two full-fledged work of a group: it were singles "My Truth And Its Gist" and the single "Why". After the release of two singles, the band has begun to work on the EP, which has received the name: Icy World.

In the end of October 2012 while we work on the EP, was released the fourth instrumental album wich has got the name "the Fragments Of Memories" , Guys don`t apply heavy sound here.Whole album is based on the contrast of piano, symphonic and choral inserts, making this album more melancholy.

In the end of January 2013 was created a new fifth instrumental album which received the name "The Heart Of The Black Queen".Album was created in two steps, the first part was made in Tver, and the second final in Moscow. Album was  heavier than previous works.The main emphasis was taken on a more symphonic richness, more powerful sound, but the melody, lyrics and melancholy were the same.In November 2013 the musical band released the single "Cry", which was one of the tracks from the forthcoming album Icy World, also was introduction of a new vocalist. In the end of December 2013 the band released an instrumental album "Silhouettes Of Consciousness". Album was created in two steps: songs were written in Tver, the final mixing - in Moscow. It was a first experience of group with vocals in the distance. Finally , new album was created more darker, heavier and symphonic than previous albums, but at the same time as good as the other.

In the end of October 2014 ANFEL has released a new instrumental album "One Last Touch" .Album is a more saturated and melancholic than previous releases.

"On May 5th, 2017 the band released a  new single "Dead Romance". It's a song from their future LP "Echoes Of Buried Hope". Elvira Alchemida is debuting here as new vocals of the project. Enjoy your listening and stay tuned for more updates! More news to come!

Formed In: 2009
Status: Active
Years Active: 2009-Present

Denis DIONIS Lobotorov - Founder,Ideologist,Composer,Vocals
Elvira ALCHEMIDA Lobotorova - Vocals,Guitars, Arrangements, Sound

Country of Origin: Russia
Location: Tver
Genre: Symphonic Gothic/Doom Metal

Current Label: Magna Opera Studio
Booking/Press contact
Denis Lobotorov//


Dead Romance (Single - 2017)

Released May 5, 2017 

Produced and recorded by Denis Lobotorov and Elvira Alchemida at MAGNA OPERA studio 

Photo by Daria Vorobyova
Artwork by Aina Blackthorn
Lyrics by Darja Yudina
Recording, mixing and mastering by Magna Opera studio

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