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sexta-feira, 28 de abril de 2017

Profanity - The Art Of Sickness - (Full Length Album - 2017) - Bandcamp Stream

PROFANITY from Germany was founded in 1993. After two demos the first album 'Shadows To Fall' was recorded and released in 1997 by Profanity. 1999 the band got signed by the German indie label Cudgel Agency and they released 'Drowned In Dusk' a 7" split with Lividity (US), and their second album 'Slaughtering Thoughts' in 2000. 2002 PROFANITY recorded the next 7" called 'Humade Me Flesh', released by the band itself. In the same year the band supported Cryptopsy on their European tour. 

In 2004 PROFANITY played in New York with Misery Index, Exhumed, Uphill Battle and on the other day at Maryland Deathfest, this was the last concert for a long time. PROFANITY decided to make a break playing live shows and concentrate 100% on writing new stuff. From 2003 until 2006 the band wrote eight new songs with a total playing time of sixty minutes…. and then everything changed. There were weddings, children were born, further developments have been made in schools, new jobs have been started…….just the living.

From 2006 until 2011 it was quite silent. 2012 PROFANITY played their first live show since eight years and now the time was there to record these eight songs. PROFANITY started recording but in 2013, Martin (bass) moved overseas with his family and so difficult decisions had to be made. PROFANITY definitely wanted to bring out something new as fast as possible, they decided to release instead a full-length an EP. This EP is “Hatred Hell Within”.

The latest trigger for these musings is the German progressive/technical death metal band Profanity — who returned in the middle of December with a three-song EP entitled Hatred Hell Within after near twelve years since their last release.

Hatred Hell Within marks the reactivation of a band who have been around since the early ’90s, one with two full releases and a handful of demos and splits between them. Twelve years later they’ve managed to preserve a large chunk of their lineup — listing themselves as a three-piece group these days.

They have braved many trends and style-drifts and have remained more or less true to their art but have also updated their sound to remain relevant – that’s the way it should be. Evolve or die. Originally sounding comparable to say Barnes-era CANNIBAL CORPSE or the powerful style of death metal propagated by the German overlords OBSCENITY in the ’90s, PROFANITY have since wonderfully evolved, turning more technical, flashy and coining their own style.

Prior to Hatred Hell Within, Profanity put out a single in 2002 entitled Humade Me Flesh (which will be a theme reappearing later in this article), and before that was only the group’s second LP Slaughtering Thoughts (2000). In Profanity’s case, the band have been keeping their noses to the grinder as a live act — before returning to the recorded format. Given that we’ve made it a mission on NCS to discover stuff months after release, as well as sharing underground music with gore-soaked cover art, we felt the reanimation of Profanity would be a good tour to take into the boiling cesspits of death metal.

Hatred Hell Within is a three-song force to be reckoned with. Three songs sounds like nothing, but Profanity like their music long — Hatred Hell Within clocks in at a little under twenty minutes. In that twenty, Profanity get exploratory — covering the ugly genres with the deftness and grace of an elephant doing ballet; to mix metaphors, they throw their weight around with the force of a bull in a china shop.

The band’s current label, Rising Nemesis, has a taste for packing a lot of slam music into their gullet, and even though they’ve signed a smattering of different-genre death metal acts, the label specializes in brutality above all else, and Profanity earn their keep on Hatred Hell Within.

Twelve years is a long time to not put out material, but Profanity are showing on Hatred Hell Within that there is a method to their madness, and they have delivered a nugget of gold that teases a bigger vein to look forward to in the future. As it stands, Hatred Hell Within is a headspinner of a twenty-minute EP that feels like it could suffocate you under its weight during multiple listens. If you survive one, be sure to clear out of there fast before the hammer drops again, lest you be ground to dust.

Daniel (bass) re-joined PROFANITY in 2013 to replace Martin again. Now they are working on their next full-length release. “The Art Of Sickness”.

PROFANITY is an underground band that enjoys sharing the spirit of the underground with other bands and friends around the world. Over the years, the band has played a lot of shows with great bands like Cannibal Corpse, Vader, Cryptopsy, Misery Index, Necrophagist, Harmony Dies, Defeated Sanity and many more and festivals like FTC, PartySan, MOD, Obscene Extreme, Maryland Deathfest etc.

In November 2014 Profanity has released via Rising Nemesis records their latest release "Hatred Hell Within".

On April 21st, 2017, Profanity are returning with a new full-length: “The Art Of Sickness”. Its title reveals the route of the new material which is full of playfulness and technical brilliance while it strikes a balance between art and insane chaos. Recorded at Iguana Studios (Spheron, Imperium Dekadenz, Necrophagist a.o.) with producer Christoph Brandes the new songs will bring all tech death gourmets to the scene. To make the album even more diverse, the band invited guests like Terrance Hobbs (Suffocation), Adrie Kloosterwaard (Sinister), Ricky Myers (Disgorge, Suffocation), Christian Münzner (Alkaloid, ex-Obscura) as well as their ex-bassist Martl Bauer. The artwork was done by Pär Olofsson who already created images for albums by Exodus, Unleashed, Malevolent Creation o.a.

Media Praise 

"I’d just like to say that this is an album these guys can be extremely proud of. It’s an album you wouldn’t expect from an underground band. At least I didn’t. Everything about this album just oozes professionalism. The artwork, production, songwriting, you name it. Absolutely their best album to date! Buy or Die!" - (Rating: 90/100 Arjan – Inside The Coffin).

"Most listeners will probably have to listen to the album several times in order to really understand what is happening at all (you are not alone, I was also so!). An absolute masterpiece was created by the Augsburgers, here you can find absolutely brutal, technical Gefichel, which remains catchy despite all and is just fun! This album must be heard! Especially for fans of bands like Beyond Creation, Cytotoxin and Fleshgod Apocalypse, the record should be something. Absolute purchase recommendation!" - (Rating: 10/10 - zephyrs-odem).

"Profanity enjoy writing massive songs, and The Art Of Sickness is a massive album because of that. Nothing was left unused on the writing table (or so it seems), with the constantly differing parts that seem to spin up out of nowhere, darting in and out of the songs, all slicing through a wall of brutal death metal that seems to be constantly bearing down upon the listener. It’s a heavy disc in more ways than one, so packed with music, and yet somehow managing to avoid the brutal death metal segments becoming a constant melange. Each part remains just as exciting as the next divergence into a wall of notes or some fun sound experiment that the band want to break out. It’s still red meat for a death metal crowd, but one that has a huge taste for adventure. Even though we’re prone to having a lot of excellent music fly under the radar by the sheer volume that seems to hit us — sheer volume being something Profanity deal in — don’t let The Art Of Sickness be one of them." - (NO CLEAN SINGING)

"PROFANITY have returned with an extremely energetic release, a release that will probably crush everything this genre will have to offer this year; and I’m being 100% serious now. Also, on a side note, I would like to thank the band’s vocalist/guitarist for sending me a shirt inspired by their latest release back in 2015 - I will never forget that. You are amazing Tom! Keep up the good work, all of you. To the fans, if you’re a fan of extreme yet on-point Death Metal with lots of technicalities and brutal passages, or you’re into old-school bands that are similar to DYING FETUS, SUFFOCATION and MORTAL DECAY, give PROFANITY the support that they deserve!!" - (Ratings: Songwriting: 10; Originality: 8; Memorability: 8; Production: 10; Metal-Temple).

"Profanity are back in a big way on The Art of Sickness. Admirable for the band’s ability to keep in line with what they’ve done while still keeping up with the times, it’s a death metal album that’ll appeal to many walks of extreme metal." - (Rating: 810 - Deadrhetoric).

"Nevertheless, the extremely technical Death Metal of PROFANITY deserves a somewhat more detailed consideration. On their third full-length disc, the men generally pack quite long songs. This requires the listener's full attention and is certainly anything but a nice so-beside sprinkling. One is amazed again and again about the abilities of the musicians, but misses occasionally or searches in vain for a kind of red thread. And as soon as you think you have finally found it, the next break immediately destroys this illusion. Typical Frickel-Metal. For this, the guitars duel each other with insane completely contrary ideas, which is quite cool made. The extremely successful melodic inserts, e.g. In "Who Leaves Stays" or "Mouth Of Nepotism" remind you a bit of chapels like ARSIS, but are a lot more irrwitziger. Sometimes you have the impression, as if at least two songs run parallel, irre! After all, one remains quite agitated, helpless and plastered. Who wants again, or better asked: Who can again?" - (Rating: 8/10 -

Status: Active
Formed in 1993
Years active: 1993 - Present

Thomas Sartor - Vocals and Guitars
Daniel Unzner- Bass
Armin Hassmann - Drums

Gene: Death Metal / Progressive / Extreme Metal
Hometown: Augsburg, Germany
Current Label: Rising Nemesis Records

Booking/Press Contact:

Official Website:

The Art Of Sickness (2017)

Release Date: 21-04-2017

Record Label: Apostasy Records INT.
Recorded, Mixed and Mastered: Iguana Studios
Cover Artwork: Par Olofsson

Guest Appearances:
Terrance Hobbs (Suffocation)
Adrie Kloosterwaard (Sinister)
Ricky Myers (Disgorge (USA)/ Suffocation)
Christian Münzner (Alkaloid/ ex-Obscura)
Martl Bauer (ex-Profanity)

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