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quarta-feira, 2 de novembro de 2016

Clouds - Departe (Full-Length Album - 2016) - Bandcamp Stream

Clouds have been looking for new a drummer. For the moment, Funeral's Anders Eek will be their live drummer, however, they have started to reveal more about their new album. Firstly, it will be called Departe and the cover artwork was provided by Arthur Kornovics.

New song off the second album called "Departe" which will be released on November 1st 2016. 

The album is featured Shaun MacGowan of My Dying Bride on violin as guest musician. The album will be released late this  year, most likely with Domestic Genocide Records, with whom the band has collaborated in the past.

Clouds is a veritable supergroup containing members of some of the most prolific Doom bands around. Formed by Daniel Neagoe (Eye Of Solitude, Deos, Colosus) in 2013, he states, "The music is dedicated to departed ones, loved ones who now, are no longer amongst us." Joined by Jarno Salomaa (Shape Of Despair), Déhà (Imber Luminis, Slow), Kostas Panagiotou (Pantheist, Wijlen Wij), Pim Blankenstein (Officium Triste, The 11th Hour), Jón Aldará (Barren Earth, Hamferð), Daniel Mark Antoniades who plays foi Eye Of Solitude (guitars) and Sidious (vocals) and crew. CLOUDS orchestrate solemn odes of pain and sorrow dedicated to departed souls. Forged following the passing of someone close and dear, to hear CLOUDS is to lose yourself in a grievous journey through paths of desolation, anguish and despair.

Formed in: 2013
Status: Active
Years active: 2013-Present

Daniel Neagoe  -  Drums, Vocals 
Jarno Salomaa  - Guitars 
Déhà - Guitars, Bass 
Kostas Panagiotou - Keyboards 
Pim Blankenstein - Vocals 
Jón Aldará - Vocals 
Anders Eek  - Drums
Mark Antoniades - Guitar

Genre: Atmospheric Doom Metal
Country of origin: International
Location: United Kingdom / Finland / Netherlands / Faroe Islands / Belgium

Current label: Domestic Genocide Records

Departe (Full-Length Album - 2016)

Released November 1, 2016

Buy The Album At: